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Exchange/iOS "meeting hijack" history goes back well before iOS 6

Yesterday, in discussing the new reports of meeting invitation issues between Microsoft Exchange and iOS 6 devices using ActiveSync, I mentioned that I recall having seen these sorts of problems in prior versions of iOS and OS X, albeit infrequently. The issue manifests as one recipient declini...

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Exchange calendar oddity in iOS 6 may trigger meeting cancellations [Updated]

The iPhone's support for Microsoft's dominant email and calendaring Exchange platform is an essential part of iOS's appeal to business users. Integrating MS's ActiveSync mobile device connectivity into Apple's gear, which started back with iPhone OS 2.0 in 2008, helped make the upstart smartpho...

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Zaprudering the Invite: Anything to see?

Whatever you might think of Apple's grammar, there's not much this invitation's artwork is giving away. Of course, we all want to know: is there a camera up there? If so, we're not seeing evidence of it in the top-middle of the graphic. Perhaps there is a left-mounted camera hidden by March 2...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: What's in Apple's guitar hole?

Dear Aunt TUAW, Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I eventually demystified the Apple 9/1/2010 Press Invitation. I had a look at the press release image I found on www.fscklog.com (it's a little bigger than yours) in Photoshop. Instinctively the soundhole was very interesting to me, especially th...

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TUAW Special: 24-Hour Evernote beta invitation

Your response to last week's post about Evernote was amazing, with over 250 people requesting beta invitations and jamming my email inbox. Evernote has followed up with a 24-hour open invitation just for TUAW readers. There's also a new 1.1.0a build of the beta that resolves a crashing bug. Hurry...

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So long iCal, hello Google Calendar

Call me crazy, but I think Google is using some kind of mental suggestion on me while I sleep, as I am slowly falling for their products one by one (maybe I should shut my Mac off at night so they can't get to me?). I've been hanging out at Google News more often, I haven't started Mail.app in almos...

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The TUAW "Create a Feb. 22 Apple Invite" contest

It all started with the supposed Airport Express invitation that showed up on Flickr, announcing an Apple press event for February 22nd. It was soon deemed to be a fake, and then two more popped up, with different designs (also fake). They weren't the best: in the Airport invite the perspective of t...

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