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Found Video: iPod with NES Controller

Our sister blog Engadget found this pretty dang cool iPod hack. Somebody has hooked up an old NES controller for use with an iPod Photo to play Doom. As you can see on the original site, this involved adding a USB port to the bottom of his iPod to which the controller connects. And of course the ...

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Pac Mac/Ms. Pac Man on your iPod

Forget Breakout. Those industrious folks at the iPodLinux Project have gotten Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man to run on their 5G iPods, as well as their nanos. It's actually an iPod port of the MAME project, and it just looks fantastic. I may have to install Linux on my 'Pod just so I can check this out. [V...

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How to Make Your Own Video iPod Now

C|Net.com has a 6 part tutorial walking you through all the steps you need to take to install Linux on your iPod and then make your own makeshift Video iPod. This news isn't new as we've covered it before, but for those of you who were thinking about doing it, but haven't yet, because you weren't cl...

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