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Three stories I hope will go away in 2007

Soon 2006 will be but a memory in our collective. There were many highlights, and we'll be focusing on them soon enough, however I would like to take some time to point out a few stories that I hope I will no longer have to read about in 2007: The iPod phone, nee iPhone: This product hasn't been ...

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Concrete iPhone info?

Looks like we might finally have some reliable information regarding the specifics of the long rumored iPhone. MacRumors has posted a description provided by a "reliable MacRumors.com source" of the upcoming device as well as an artists rendition of what the phone might look like. Judge for yourselv...

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iPhone to launch in August?

Is anyone else as tired about iPhone rumors as I am? No? Ah, in that case check out this post over at Engadget. It seems that a photographer who is regularly hired by Apple to take marketing shots (though probably not so much anymore) told his friend that he just took some shots of the sexiest phon...

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