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Google to pull QuickOffice from App Store

Have you been using QuickOffice to edit those Google Docs and Sheets on your iOS device? Put on your sad face -- Google has announced that it will remove the QuickOffice app from the App Store in the next few weeks. The app is being pulled because it the very functionality it provided has been...

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iWork: The changes in Apple's productivity suite

This week brought a big update to iWork, the iOS, OS X and iCloud productivity suite made up of Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. You may have already grabbed the updates for iOS and OS X from the respective App Stores and not noticed too much of a visual change to the apps, but here's what has...

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Greater usability for iWork and more news from April 1, 2014

Apple has released a very nice update to its iWork apps for Mac, iOS and iCloud. It includes a new document editor for Pages, view-only options for iOS and Mac, improved pop-up menus in Numbers and a better search, and Keynote gaining an improved presentation design. You can see the full list of...

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Mac turns 30, iWork updates return missing features, and other news from Jan 19-25

Mac turns 30 The biggest news this week was the 30th anniversary of the Mac. This brought out a rare retrospective by Apple including a video and a timeline highlighting important events of the past three decades. Macworld's Jason Snell wrote Apple executives on the Mac at 30: 'The Mac keeps...

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Daily Update for January 24, 2014

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get some the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the player at the top of...

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iWork restores missing features and other news from Jan. 23, 2014

Good news for iWork users! A software update has restored some of the missing features back to the service. You can share documents with a password via an iCloud link; Pages gains a vertical ruler and alignment guides; and there are additional sorting options in Numbers. As Macworld points out,...

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Authors rejoice! Pages for iOS now does a better job round-tripping to MS Word

One of the very few remaining reasons why I don't go all "Ticci" and do all of my writing on the iPad is that when I'm writing books for traditional publishers, they have a tendency to get queasy with anything that isn't written in Microsoft Word. Since they also like to keep an eye on what...

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iWork apps updated with customization options

Apple has updated the three apps that make up the iWork suite. Pages was updated to version 5.0.1. This upgrade adds the ability to customize the toolbar with the tools you deem most important. In addition, the center and edge guides are now on by default. Keynote is up to version 6.0.1. The...

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Tis the season to subscribe: What's on my annual service renewal lists

As November rolls around, it's generally time for me to take stock, look at my current service subscriptions (as opposed to entertainment subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu) and weigh what items I'm going to invest in for the next twelve months. Some of my subscriptions are annual choices. They...

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Microsoft upgrades Office Web Apps in response to free iWork suite

Perhaps to counter Apple's move to make its iWork office productivity suite free across iOS, Mac and the web, Microsoft today has announced significant updates to its Office Web Apps. The biggest feature is that users now have the ability to co-author documents across Word, Excel and PowerPoint on...

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Apple says missing iWork features will return in the next 6 months

When Apple introduced the new iWork for Mac suite last month, it generated a lot of negative press due to substantial missing features that had been a staple of the old iWork '09 suite. Now Apple says many of the missing features are coming back. In an updated Knowledgebase article called About...

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POLL: Did Apple ruin iWork?

Here at TUAW we've been having a lot of internal debate as to whether Apple ruined (or, at the very least, took a step backwards with) the latest iWork for OS X. The latest update saw a completely new UI for Pages, Keynote and Numbers with improved compatibility with iWork for iOS (which also saw...

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Illegal, trial, and disc versions of iWork and iLife are updating for free, but it's no glitch

Apple is taking its commitment to free upgrades seriously. Following the announcement that OS X Mavericks and updates for iWorks and iLife would be provided free to current owners and new Mac customers, something interesting happened. Even users who were using trial, disc, or illegally downloaded...

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AppleScript and Automator gain new features in OS X Mavericks

Mac power users love to play with scripting and automation. If there's something that's repetitive that needs to be done, it's a lot easier just to either use Automator to automate the process or write an AppleScript to dive in a little deeper. With OS X Mavericks, it appears that Apple has added...

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New iLife, iWork now available for download on App Stores

Come and get 'em folks. The new versions of iLife and iWork have officially hit the App Store and the Mac App Store. Here are the direct download links to the various apps. Remember that these apps are free with the purchase of a new Mac or iOS device: iWork for OS X – US$19.99...

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