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Tag: Judge Lucy Koh

Judge: Apple may not use term "patent troll" in court

Apple and Hawaii-based GPNE Corp are preparing for a legal battle that's being heard by judge Lucy Koh, who has instituted a "no name-calling" rule. Specifically, Judge Koh has told Apple's attorneys that they may not refer to GPNE Corp as "patent troll" or "privateer" or "bandit" while in front o...

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Samsung won't get a retrial in Apple patent infringement case

Remember Apple's big legal win against Samsung last year? In that patent-infringement case, which ended almost exactly one year ago, Samsung was ordered to pay Apple US$1 billion in damages (later reduced by $450 million) after willfully infringing on five of Apple's patents. Yesterday, Samsung wa...

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Samsung hopes new jury will nullify Apple patent infringement award

FOSS Patents is reporting that Samsung is asking the court to appoint a new jury to determine whether or not 14 of its products infringed on Apple's patents. The move, if granted by the court, could result in a lower monetary award to Apple than the US$1.05 billion initially awarded last August...

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Judge Koh reduces damages in Apple v. Samsung case by $450 million, orders new trial

There's been a significant development in the court case that saw Apple awarded US$1.05 billion in damages last August. According to The Recorder, Judge Lucy Koh has ordered that the amount Samsung must pay Apple be reduced by $450 million, or almost 40 percent, and that a new trial be held to ...

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Judge throws out Samsung's juror misconduct argument

In the seemingly never-ending battle between Apple and Samsung, Apple just won another round. As you'll remember, Samsung had alleged that juror misconduct was behind Apple's decisive victory against the Korean manufacturer earlier in 2012. Yesterday, Judge Lucy Koh denied Samsung's request for...

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Daily Update for August 29, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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A quick summary of Apple v Samsung jury instructions

Apple and Samsung presented their closing arguments earlier this and now the trial of the century is in the hands of the jury. Before deliberations began, Judge Lucy Koh spent a portion of Tuesday afternoon going over 100+ pages of instructions with the jury. We don't have to endure this tediou...

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Apple - Samsung 'peace talks' go nowhere; jury starts deliberating tomorrow

Yesterday TUAW reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung chief Kwon Oh Hyun were going to have a phone conversation to fulfill a request from Judge Lucy Koh and hopefully make some headway in their patent dispute. Well, they gave peace a chance, and AllThingsD reports that unfortunately the ...

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Apple and Samsung CEOs in last-minute peace talks

Out of respect to Judge Lucy Koh's request last week that the CEOs of Apple and Samsung try to make peace before their trial goes to a jury, Apple's Tim Cook and Samsung's Kwon Oh Hyun will have a last-chance phone call today, according to Bloomberg. The results of that phone call are to be r...

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Judge Lucy Koh prompts Apple, Samsung CEOs to meet again

Ina Fried has been covering the Apple-Samsung patent trial for AllThingsD, and this morning she reported that Judge Lucy Koh has asked Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung executives Choi Gee-sung and Shin Jong-kyn to meet in an effort to strike a deal before the trial goes to jury. Koh is quoted as s...

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Apple rests its case in Samsung trial

After all of the disclosures, testimony, and legal maneuvering of the last several weeks, Apple rested its case in the patent infringement case against Samsung. Apple's last stand wasn't exactly without drama. Three of the Samsung phones that Apple had said were infringing on design patents -...

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Samsung objects to "gratuitous images" of Steve Jobs in Apple's slides

If you haven't had enough of the Apple vs. Samsung battle royale, in addition to Judge Lucy Koh's ruling about iPhone prototypes yesterday, she also decreed that showing Steve Jobs in Apple's opening statement slides are "relevant to Apple's iPhone design patent and trade dress claims and is no...

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Court rules Samsung can't show Sony's influence on iPhone; Apple reveals 2005 prototype

The battle royale begins in a California courtroom today, as jury selection begins in the case of Apple vs. Samsung. As part of the last-minute legal maneuvering before the trial started, Samsung attempted to show how certain iPhone prototypes were influenced by Sony designs. However, Judge Luc...

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Judge restricts Apple and Samsung's exhibits, argument time

In an attempt to streamline the epic courtroom battle pending between Apple and Samsung, U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh (photo at right) has set ground rules for the legal teams presenting their arguments before a jury. The companies, which have already been admonished several times to pare th...

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