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Tag: Kashoo

TUAW at Macworld/iWorld 2014: Kashoo accounting for Web and iPad

I'm one of those people who sucks as an accountant. So when I heard about Kashoo a few years ago and realized that I could do most of the accounting work for one of my small businesses from an iPad, I jumped on the opportunity to try it out. I dropped by their booth today, and we have a short video...

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Kashoo Version 2.1 adds new features just in time for taxes

Every year around tax time, millions of small-business owners promise themselves that next year will be different. They'll keep better records; they'll invoice customers on time; and they'll figure out a way of monitoring how well -- or poorly -- their company is doing. Kashoo created an...

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Kashoo iPad app: Business accounting on the go

Kashoo began existence as an online business accounting service. With the addition of a new free iPad app, business owners now have a powerful accounting tool at their fingertips at all times. In this review, I'll take you through a quick look at Kashoo and describe how it's helped one small...

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