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Sixty Vocab: unfathomably slow way to learn a new language

Sixty Vocab is a tool for learning foreign languages that incorporates a mixture of study sessions and games to help train your brain. Its purpose is not to learn the entire language, but rather just the most common vocabulary words so it's easy to build sentences on your own given the words you ...

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Thesaurus is a simple app for quick reference

Reference apps don't get much simpler than Thesaurus. The app, which requires iOS 7 and is US$0.99 in the App Store, does exactly what it says it does: provide you with synonyms – and nothing else. This minimalist approach definitely has its drawbacks. However, there are still things to l...

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Apple launches blog for new Swift programming language

With the release of iOS 8 getting closer by the day, Apple has started a new blog to answer questions about Swift, the new programming language for iOS and OS X. Swift aims to make writing code more interactive and fun, while keeping apps running fast. The opening topic for the blog addresses Swif...

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Listen to the 26 languages used in iOS 7s' text-to-speech feature

We recently stumbled across a post from Vocab Ninja which lists out the 32 text-to-speech voices Apple uses in iOS 7. From Arabic to Czech, and from Korean to Turkish, it's interesting to wade through all the different languages and see how iOS reads out "Luke, I am your father" in a variety of diff...

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Duolingo brings its language-learning app to the iPad

Duolingo takes a fun approach to language learning. It gamifies the process by breaking down lessons into digestible chunks and rewarding you for your progress. Starting today, you can enjoy the app on your iPad as well as your iPhone. Duolingo requires an account to keep track of your achievemen...

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Twitter updates its OS X client

Twitter has updated its Twitter for Mac client, and you can see all of the new changes on the official company blog. The biggest update is that you now get a camera icon when you're composing a tweet, which makes it easier than ever to share pictures straight from your desktop (other Twitter cl...

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iTranslate Voice HD comes to the iPad with lots of features

I've looked at some translation apps before, and it seems each time I review a new one I see increased capabilities and better performance. iTranslate Voice has available on the iPhone for awhile, and now it has come to the iPad in an HD edition. Like its smaller sibling, iTranslate Voice HD ca...

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SayHi Translate for iOS is like science fiction come true

I remember seeing universal translators on TV and in the science fiction stories I read in my youth. I didn't think it would ever happen, but science fiction is becoming fact. If you travel or are in regular need of translation, let me suggest you take a look at SayHi Translate, on sale for US ...

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Daily iPhone App: Lingibli

Learning a new language can be challenging, especially when you're not in an environment where that langue is predominant. Lingibli is an iPhone app that'll bridge that gap by helping you learn vocabulary and basic phrases from native speakers. The app will teach you the top 100 words which compr...

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Daily iPad app: Converse

A few weeks ago I wrote about tips while traveling with your iPad. Today I want to tell you about an app that might be useful for those traveling to other countries where they don't speak the native language. Or, it might be useful once it gets fleshed out a little more. The idea behind Converse ...

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WWDC Interview: Ultralingua

Neil Ticktin (Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine and MacNews) interviews Jeff Ondich of Ultralingua at WWDC 2011. Jeff was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements at WWDC, and how it will affect their plans moving forward. TUAW and MacTech Magazine teamed up to speak t...

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Rosetta Stone launches iPad app for well-heeled language learners

The language-learning behemoth known as Rosetta Stone has launched itself into the iPad world with the new TOTALe Companion HD app, a supersized version of the iPhone TOTALe Companion that arrived earlier this year. TOTALe Companion HD delivers access to core Rosetta Stone v4 features on the ...

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Google Translate native app available for iPhone, features speech-to-text and synthesized voices

Last month Google came out with some new synthesized voices for Google Translate, and now the Google Mobile Blog has announced the availability of an iOS version of Google Translate, complete with voice-to-text data entry and synthesized speech. There's support for 15 languages via voice entry, but...

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iOS 4.1 quietly added Cherokee language support

The Associated Press reports that Apple has quietly incorporated Cherokee language support into iOS. Cherokee tribal officials were worried about the demise of the Cherokee language as the tribe aged and its younger members increasingly adopted the English language -- and iPhones. However, instead o...

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Word Lens: an augmented reality language translator for iPhone

Word Lens is one of those apps that grabs your attention the first time you see it in action. Created by Quest Visual, it is an iPhone-based optical character recognition (OCR) application used for language translation. In real-world usage, it will translate a foreign language sign in an instant ...

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