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Tag: Languages

Polynumial teaches you to count in over 50 languages

Polynumial, free with ads in the App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, is a bare bones language app that focuses only on learning numbers. While the app itself doesn't do a lot, it's packed with 60 languages, which is far more than most language apps. Unfortunately, the variety of languag...

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The popular iTranslate iOS app comes to the Mac

iTranslate is a favorite tool of mine on iOS. Today iTranslate has made it to the Mac and has appeared in the Mac App Store at an introductory price U$4.99, half of what it normally costs. iTranslate supports more than 80 languages and is accessible from the Mac menu bar. This is a very polished ap...

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Languages offers offline translation for the iPhone

Today, Tapity -- maker of the iRadio and iTranslate apps for iOS -- is launching Languages, an all-new translation app that works regardless of an internet connection. Because it doesn't rely on an internet connection like some translation apps, Languages can provide instant results for your queri...

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iOS 6: Talking to Siri - International Edition II

Last year, Steve Sande and I put together a "What can you say to Siri" post while working on "Talking to Siri: Learning the Language of Apple's Intelligent Assistant". This year, we followed up that post with an iOS 6 version of "What can you say to Siri" and then an International version coverin...

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Teach small children basic foreign language words with iKidz Pro

Every time I've been to Holland, I've been amazed at the number of languages that many people could speak fluently. Perhaps one of the reasons is that the Dutch start teaching their children other languages at a very early age. I came across a very simple and well-designed app that might prove that'...

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Google Translate ported to iPhone

You know if the App Store has been out for a month and we're posting about a web app, it has to be a good one. Google announced late last week that they've brought the terrific Google Translate service over to the iPhone. Of course, whenever you travel internationally, roaming charges (sometimes hug...

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iKanji release due Thursday

Indie developer Rory Prior expects to release version 1.0 of his iKanji application this coming Thursday, he announced today. iKanji is a tool for anyone learning Japanese, and combines meaning, reading and writing training and tests. Over 2,000 Kanji characters and 20,000 example words are included...

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TUAW Resolutions: Learn a new language

Buon Giorno. ¡Hola!. Guten tag. Of course, the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the country where the language is spoken. But that's not always a possibility, especially if you're working your way towards a trip or preparing for a move. If you're trying to learn a languag...

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Ruby + AppleScript = RubyOSA

Our friends at Download Squad have discovered a melding of two scripting worlds: AppleScript and Ruby. RubyOSA is the darling scriptenstein of these two languages, and while I don't know a lick of either, I'm willing to bet this could be a popular amongst the code ninjas in the audience. Ruby is a p...

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One of our readers recently wrote in and asked us how he could slim down his install of OS X. One simple way is to get rid of all those languages that you don't use which are installed by default with OS X (if you hit 'Customize' while installing OS X you can really cut down on the bloat by only ins...

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