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Falling asleep with a good iBook

Gather 'round, kids and Grandpa Dave will tell you a story. Back when I was your age, "iBooks" were computers, not software. They were brightly colored, had plastic handles and resembled a Barbie purse. Plus, you could take a nap beneath one, as Flickr user Pinot Dita demonstrates. You can contri...

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MacBook Air supply dwindling as WWDC approaches

It's clearly not the best time to be looking for a MacBook Air -- 13-inch versions are in especially short supply. The reason for the shortage will be obvious to those who follow Apple closely: it's almost time for the Apple World Wide Developer Conference starting June 10, and Apple is likely goi...

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Daily Mac app: Battery Health monitors your Mac's battery

With all the talk of battery life of iPhones and iPads it's easy to forget that your laptop battery needs some attention every so often. My laptop battery is pretty old, and it doesn't last as long as it used to. No surprise there, but I'd like to easily quantify its condition. That's where a f...

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I am become Middle Schooler, destroyer of Macs

I spent the morning dealing with the fact that my beloved daughter has killed yet another Hackintosh. It's not exactly her fault. For example, the drive outlived its years. The power connector on the device-side is broken, too. Neither one was worth fixing -- especially given the years of service ...

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Rumor: MacBook Pro line getting revamped with MacBook Air style designs

There's rumors of a shakeup going around in Apple's laptop lines. AppleInsider claims, according to "people familiar with Apple's roadmap" (cute -- it's Friday, so we'll let that through), that Apple is aiming to completely revamp its notebook lines sometime this year, basically making the MacBook...

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Apple appears to be working on longer life batteries

Hallelujah! Who hasn't warily watched an iPhone, laptop or iPad battery indicator slowly fading into oblivion? It looks like Apple is doing research into techniques that would keep lithium batteries running longer without making them larger. AppleInsider found an Apple patent filing called "Increasi...

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Apple set to have a great holiday season, says Changewave

The holiday shopping season kicked off in America with Black Friday today, and Apple should finish out the rest of 2010 with a bang. ChangeWave, a firm that covers consumer trends, has told Apple 2.0/Fortune Tech that one of its surveys has consumers leaping for laptops, specifically those made by ...

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Macworld posts MacBook Air benchmark results

When the new MacBook Airs were introduced, many were shocked to see a 1.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor in the standard 11-inch model and a 1.86GHz Core 2 Duo processor in the standard 13-inch model. Isn't that a step backward? The previous generation had either a 1.83GHz or a 2.13GHz Core 2 Duo processor...

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Best Buy to expand iPad availability, sales cannibalizing laptops by up to 50%

Here's another report of the iPad stealing attention and money away from more traditional computing. Best Buy's CEO Brian Dunn tells the Wall Street Journal that the iPad has "cannibalized" sales of laptops by up to 50%, meaning that customers in the big box retail store have gone for Apple's table...

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Lenovo says Apple is missing the boat to China

We've heard before that one of Apple's main areas of concern, as of late, is raising its quality in China, but here it is straight from the mouth of a competitor. During a recent dinner, Lenovo's founder allegedly said that his company was lucky that Apple hasn't stepped up in the Far East. "If Appl...

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Big Kahuna: The new 17" MacBook Pro

Those who need a mobile studio and have very strong backs may be inclined to consider the Big Papi of Apple laptops, the 17" MacBook Pro. Today's update adds even more brawn to Apple's beast. Here are the details. There is one main configuration, featuring the 2.53GHz Intel Core i5; the 2.66GHz I...

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Apple tops Consumer Reports' tech support survey, second place not even close

On Wednesday, Consumer Reports published the results of its latest tech support survey. Apple was on top for both laptops and desktops, well ahead of the company in second place. Consumer Reports asked 7,000 subscribers about their satisfaction with their computer companies across categories like...

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Found Footage: The Powerbook snowboard

Ok, we'll admit it -- the recent snowpocalypse may have driven some people nuts. But probably not this nuts -- these two German guys wanted to go snowboarding, but didn't actually have a snowboard around, so they did what most of us would naturally do in this situation: take two old PowerBooks, c...

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Macworld 2010: TUAW interviews Tim Hickman of Hard Candy Cases

Hard Candy Cases runs a booth right across from ours here at Macworld 2010, so when they offered to come on the livestream and show us their cases for laptops and the upcoming iPad, we gladly accepted. Co-founder Tim Hickman brought along a bubbleshell MacBook case to show us, and talked a little...

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iPhone hacksugar: Creating a MyWi WiFi hotspot with your jailbroken phone

Here's the thing. You know, and I know, that AT&T has not yet enabled tethering in the US for the iPhone, while carriers all across the globe have already given their iPhone customers the ability to use their phones as wireless modems for their laptops. You and I also know that strictly speaking...

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