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Tag: Lawsuits

Apple found not guilty in lawsuit over video streaming

The patent infringement lawsuit began in 2010, when a Israel-based company called Emblaze went after Apple. The patent in question related to real-time broadcasting and Emblaze claimed that Apple was using the technology without a license. Friday, according to Bloomberg News, a jury swiftly rende...

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Apple FaceTime fix may not be working out for some unhappy users

It seemed minor at the time, but last year's loss by Apple of a patent suit from VirnetX may have cascaded into some serious problems for the FaceTime service. Apple could have faced continuing royalty payments in the millions of dollars per month to license the VirnetX patents. In a workaround, Ap...

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Judge throws out case involving faulty iPhone power button

GigaOM reports that a judge in San Jose this week threw out a case alleging that Apple sold the iPhone 4 and 4S knowing full well that the devices featured a faulty power button designed to malfunction after the warranty expired. The case was originally filed by two men in California who sought cla...

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iPhone moisture sensor settlement could cost up to $300 per phone

This past April, Apple agreed to the terms of a US$53 million class-action settlement stemming from Apple's warranty practices regarding water damage on older-generation iPhones and iPod touches. The lawsuit alleged that Apple refused to honor the warranty on devices that were ostensibly damaged ...

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Apple requests Android source code in Samsung lawsuit

That's the word from Bloomberg News today. Apple has asked a US magistrate judge to force Google to turn over the Android source code. It's part of Apple's case against Samsung, and Apple continues to believe its intellectual property has been stolen. Not surprisingly, Google, who owns the Androi...

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Apple to pay Chinese authors $118,000 for violating copyrights

As reported by China Daily, a Beijing court has ordered Apple to pay three Chinese authors US$118,000 in damages for selling their books without prior consent through apps available on its App Store. The lawsuit was filed against Apple by the Writers' Right Protection Union (also known as the...

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Apple asks for App Store monopoly lawsuit to be dropped

Apple has asked a federal judge in California for the lawsuit alleging it holds an App Store monopoly be dismissed, according to Bloomberg. The lawsuit was brought forth by several attorneys in 2011 who argued that the company holds a monopoly on app downloads because there is nowhere else a us...

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Apple reportedly makes a deal with TSMC for A6X production

With absolutely no love lost between Apple and Samsung, it's being suggested that Apple will yank processor chip production from the South Korean tech giant. A report today in the Mac Observer, quoting from The Commercial Times translated by AFP says Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (...

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Woz discusses what he'd change about Apple

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently did a Q&A over on Slashdot, and Gizmodo has boiled down his answers into five things he'd change about Apple today. There's a little bit of putting thoughts in Wozniak's head here, as he wasn't specifically talking about what he would change. Still,...

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Court upholds Apple victory in Cover Flow, Spotlight, Time Machine patents

An appeals court in Washington has upheld a recent Apple victory on a number of different patents for features in the OS X operating system, including things like Cover Flow, Spotlight search and Time Machine. A company called Mirror Worlds is trying to get a judgment that Apple infringed on it...

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Elmer-DeWitt: Apple in "no hurry" to settle iPhone patent lawsuits

To Apple-watchers -- in particular tech bloggers -- it seems like Apple is taking forever to settle the lawsuits that are pending against Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers for allegedly infringing on the company's intellectual property. On Fortune's Apple 2.0 site today, long-time Apple a...

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Should Apple win current legal battles, payoff would be huge

Bernstein's Toni Sacconaghi believes that Apple is confident it will win current legal battles with HTC and Samsung, and is therefore in for the long haul. Apple has "more to lose" than its rivals, Sacconaghi notes, and a whole lot to win. Philip Elmer-Dewitt has highlighted the most interestin...

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iOS developers hit by patent infringement complaints for using in-app purchase

This morning, several iOS developers have tweeted that they have been served with papers regarding their applications' use of in-app purchases. PCalc Lite developer James Thomson tweeted that he received a FedEx package of legal papers this morning. Thomson lives in Scotland. As Thomson clarifies,...

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Apple wins first round in patent fight with Nokia

A Judge with the International Trade Commission in Washington has sided with Apple in a dispute Nokia brought claiming the iPhone was violating key patents. Bloomberg News and other wire services report that the ITC has found that Apple isn't violating 5 Nokia patents. Nokia had asked the Commi...

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Apple sues HTC for patent violations

It's a festival of lawsuits. This morning Apple has announced it is going after Taiwan based phone giant HTC for infringing on 20 patents concerning the iPhone user interface and the underlying hardware and architecture. The lawsuit was filed with the U.S. International Trade Commission and in the U...

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