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Tag: Learning

Daily App: Slice Fractions helps your child visualize fractions in a puzzling way

Slice Fractions is a new learning game from Ululab that was designed in collaboration with a team of learning experts from the University of Quebec in Montreal. As its name implies, the app focuses on fractions and presents the math concept in a series of slicing puzzles that are part Cut the Rope...

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Five iOS apps to help you get educated online

In our connected world, there are a growing number of sites and services that you can use to get an education online. Here are five resources that have iOS apps, so your learning doesn't have to slow you down. iTunesU [iOS Universal; Free] iTunesU is Apple's educational resource. The app gives yo...

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My Beastly ABCs comes to the iPhone

My Beastly ABCs debuted in the App Store at the end of last year and was an instant hit. The interactive storybook teaches kids their ABCs as they follow a boy (and some monsters) throughout a day. Available initially for the iPad, Duncan Studio recently released an update that brings this educati...

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eduPad takes 80 percent off its iTooch lineup of educational apps

eduPad is known for its iTooch line of educational apps for elementary and junior high school students. The apps have a clean, ad-free interface and extensive problem set that adheres to the Common Core Standards. They are also on sale through April 28 for 80 percent off. The iTooch series co...

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Productivity Tip: Read the manual, or take a class

There was a time when Mac owners scoffed at their PC-loving counterparts, who had to pore over paper manuals to grok the essentials of a software program before they tried to use it. When graphical user interfaces were introduced, a lot of focus was on making software intuitive and easy to use....

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Essential Anatomy is the future of touch-based anatomy learning

If you've read a lot of my articles over the years you may have picked up that I'm a bit of a human anatomy buff. Yeah, that sounds weird, I know. Some people like understanding their cars and computers better, I like understanding my body. And it's thanks to the iPad that the study of human an...

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OS X video tutorials available at the Mac App Store

Noteboom Productions has announced Tutor for OS X Mountain Lion, a complete video tutorial is now available on the Mac App store. In Tutor for OS X Mountain Lion, the user watches videos to learn how to use OS X Mountain Lion, Apple's latest operating system. The video tutorial is designed for th...

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iPads in the classroom reinvigorate teachers

We often hear about the iPad's impact on students and their academic achievement, but a new article in Edudemic also discusses the effect iPads are having on teachers. The report comes from Fred Sitkins, principal of Boyne City Elementary School in Boyne City, Mich., who writes "I've never obse...

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Daily iPad App: Handwriting Without Tears encourages kids to write on your iPad

Handwriting Without Tears is a paper-based writing program that teaches children how to write by organizing letters into groups, such as Starting Corner Capitals, Center Starting Capitals and more . As part of its multi-sensory experience, the handwriting program also uses a chalkboard and the ...

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Daily iPad App: Multiflow helps you hone your child's multiplication skills

Just like addition, multiplication is a subject that requires memorization to learn. There's no way to avoid the drilling, but apps like Multiflow from Dactyl Applications can make the rote memorization fun. Multiflow takes the basic multiplication tables and adds a series of challenges that wi...

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Use Eve to learn Mac OS X shortcuts

Eve is a brilliant little program that I just installed on my MacBook -- it's got one function only, and that is simply to pop up on the screen whenever you do something with your mouse, and remind you that there's a way to do it with your keyboard. I am a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts, but ...

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Hello Tutorials for Mac gets new users up and running in a jiffy

Every time there's an Apple earnings call, I'm always amazed to hear Tim Cook or Peter Oppenheimer spout figures on just how many Mac buyers are new to the platform. Whether those new Mac owners are moving over from Windows or are buying a computer for the first time, they may need a helping ha...

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Daily iPad App: Juicy Math is a fruity way to learn addition and subtraction

It's difficult teaching young children to add and subtract. The task is repetitious and most kids have very short attention spans. To help make this activity more enjoyable, parents might want to take a closer look at Juicy Math from Popapp factory. Juicy Math is a learning app for younger el...

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San Diego school district purchases 26,000 iPads

San Diego Unified School District is improving its classroom technology by purchasing 26,000 iPads for use in its schools, according to San Diego's 10News. The iPads will cost the district US$15 million and is funded through Proposition S, a money reserve available to help schools purchase up-t...

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iLearnWith is an early childhood education program for the iPad

There are a wide range of educational apps in the App Store. Some titles like Tapfish are fun, while others like the iLearnWith program from Tribal Nova are geared for learning. The thing that sets iLearnWith apart from its competition is the ability to set up profiles for multiple children and...

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