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Flickr Find: Steve's got your back

Flickr user Sam has found a clever use for her Steve Jobs Lego minifig. She attached the figure to a Lego stand and then slapped the stand on her desk with some Blue-Tack. A Lightning cable fits perfectly into "Lego Steve's" hand. Last week we wrote about Sugru, a playful material that hardens...

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Create a playful cabling system with Legos and Sugru

The sugru community developed what has to be the cutest cable organization system ever created. The do-it-yourself solution pairs sugru with LEGO minifigures, which are sized perfectly for holding Apple charging and other similar cables. Sugru sticks to most materials, allowing you to attach the...

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LEGO 'Mac Classic' is a do-it-yourself iPad dock (video)

Have a pile of LEGO bricks, an iPad and a lot of time on your hands? You can create a cute little "Mac Classic" iPad dock like the one lovingly put together by Norwegian ad creatives Jason Kinsella and Charlotte Bakken. The team put together a scale model of the original Mac, then decided to...

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Lego Star Wars - Complete Saga available for iOS

For you Lego and Star Wars fans, we offer some great news! As of today, you can download Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga from the iTunes App store. The game offers 36 story modes with more than 120 playable characters. You can even choose the dark or light side characters, but Luke Skywalker,...

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Belkin's LEGO Builder Case for iPad mini arrives in time for Christmas

One of the more unique cases I've had the opportunity to review over the past year was the LEGO Builder Case for iPhone 5 from Belkin. The case literally turns your iPhone 5 into a brick -- well, a base for building LEGO brick-based creations for a totally customizable look. It might not be the...

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Lego: Lord of the Rings calls iOS its precious, starting today

There are many Lego-branded games on the App Store, but today, one of the most popular movie crossovers, Lego: Lord of the Rings, gets the iOS treatment as well. Following in the footsteps of the iOS ports of other hand-held Lego titles, Lego: Lord of the Rings features more than 90 playable...

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This LEGO Steve Jobs is just as adorable as you'd imagine

Etsy is a great place to find odd things, and you don't need to poke around on the site very long to find something unique. Case in point: This ridiculous adorable Steve Jobs figurine crafted from LEGO blocks. From the iconic jeans and black T-shirt to the glasses crafted from transparent blocks,...

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LEGO Mindstorms gains social media site, three iOS apps

Few companies have so completely captured the hearts and minds of children's creativity like LEGO. As a child, I was able to build countless imaginary robots in the comfort of my own home thanks to those brightly colored blocks. And now they're helping you build working robots at home that you can...

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Belkin's LEGO Builder Case for iPhone 5 is too much fun

When you've done hundreds of reviews of iPhone cases, you tend to get a little jaded. I mean, how many different ways can someone make an iPhone case, right? Sure, you can make them out of different materials -- leather, aluminum, wood, all three of the previous ingredients together and various...

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Lego Apple Store is a stroke of blocky genius

Behold! Rumor has it that Tim Cook wants to revamp Apple's retail stores and the above is a sneak peek at what we have in store. What you're really looking at, though, is a pretty spot on replica of an Apple retail store put together by Jon Lazar and constructed completely with Legos. The...

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Lego Apple II is gorgeous

Lego: nothing is quite as appealing to grown-up nerds. This love affair is magnified when the brick-based creation is a piece of Apple history. This awesome mix of bricks and computer memorabilia is showcased in this replica of an Apple II by Chiu-Kueng Tsang. When assembled, this Lego...

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LEGO Lord of the Rings brings Middle-earth to Mac on Feb. 21

There's a new Lord of the Rings game on the block and it's coming to Mac later this month. Oh, and it features characters and a world that are literally made out of blocks. Feral Interactive is preparing a port of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's LEGO Lord of the Rings, released last...

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Belkin, LEGO partner to make "buildable" iPhone, iPod touch cases (updated)

Update: Pocket-Lint has photos of what the cases will look like. Accessory manufacturer Belkin announced a multi-year licensing partnership with LEGO today. Belkin will be creating a new line of cases that use LEGO bricks as inspiration for what the company is calling a "buildable case...

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Vintage Mac is beautiful in LEGO

Canadian graphics and web designer Chris McVeigh has built and lovingly photographed this gorgeous LEGO Mac. It looks fantastic and we'd love to have it on our desks. McVeigh told CNET that he works out ideas in LEGO Digital Designer. "The advantage of starting off a project digitally is that...

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Upcoming Lego Mindstorms EV3 to include iOS support

Lego Mindstorms robotics kits have captured the imaginations of millions of tech tinkerers young and old. Now Lego has announced that the 15 year-old educational robotics platform will gain compatibility with iOS and Android devices. Lego Mindstorms EV3, expected in the second half of 2013 at a...

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