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Tag: Lightning connector

Blue Microphones Mikey Digital goes Lightning, sounds great

For reporters, podcasters or musicians on the go, you really want the best possible sound quality without having to lug a lot of equipment around. That's why portable digital stereo recorders like those from Zoom are so popular -- they're compact, and they capture incredible sound. The iPhone and ...

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Zoom iQ5: A tiny professional stereo microphone for Lightning connector devices

For podcasters, reporters and others who want to capture sound on the go with their iOS devices, there's been a lack of options for the newer models of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Why? Well, those models sport the new Lightning adapter. Zoom, the company that makes those amazing digital recorders...

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Where there's a Spark Digital, there's Lightning

It's not the biggest news of the day by any stretch of the imagination, but if you're a user of one of Blue Mics' wonderful Spark Digital microphones (US$199.99), you'll be glad to hear that the device is now available with a Lightning cable for use with your favorite new iOS device. If you're unfam...

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EU may force Apple to change Lightning connector

EU lawmakers today agreed to a draft regulation stating that all consumer electronics manufacturers must use a common standard battery charger device. While the law may not take effect until 2017 or after, that means that Apple -- which uses its own Lightning adapter rather than the micro-USB conn...

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LA County sheriff's deputy saved by iPhone charger cable

A Los Angeles (Calif.) County sheriff's deputy was injured in a shooting Tuesday morning in Inglewood, Calif., but things could have been worse had it not been for an Apple Lightning charger cable that was in her pocket. The charger cable actually deflected a bullet that would have otherwise been ...

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Belkin Express Dock for iPad: Review and giveaway

Belkin continues to roll out an impressive array of Apple accessories, with the new US$59.99 Express Dock for iPad (and any other device with a Lightning connector) being the latest in a series of new products. The Express Dock comes with a 4-foot USB cable and is primarily designed for use with ...

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Tiny ChargeKey for iPhone 5 is always handy and ready to go

Charging cables that are at your fingertips all the time just keep getting smaller and smaller. Back in March of this year, TUAW reviewed the ChargeCard, a USB to 30-pin Dock Connector charging cable the exact size of a credit card. Now there's the ChargeKey for iPhone 5 (US$25), an even smaller e...

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Wake up to a Lightning-equipped iHome iDL45 alarm/dock

Alarm clock radios have been around for decades, and when iPods and iPhones jumped onto the scene, we started to see a new accessory: the alarm dock. Basically, this was your standard clock radio with a trusty 30-pin Dock connector on top, and your iPhone could receive a charge while you slept and...

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Here's how Apple's Lightning-to-HDMI digital AV adapter probably works

Last week, we shared how the folks at Panic had pulled apart one of Apple's Lightning to HDMI digital AV adapters in an attempt to figure out why it didn't seem to output true 1080p HD video. To their surprise, they found that it contained a tiny computer featuring an ARM processor and 256 MB o...

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Panic digs into the Lightning digital AV adapter, finds a surprise

The folks at Coda and Unison developer Panic Inc. have a good old fashioned mystery on their hands, and it all revolves around Apple's digital AV adapter for iPhone 5 and iPad mini with Lightning connectors. As they tell it, the Coda crew was recently trying out the accessory for capturing vide...

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$635,000 in bogus Lightning cables nabbed in Alaska

One of the functions of the US Customs and Border Protection agency is to seek out and seize counterfeited goods, and the Alaska Dispatch is reporting that the CBP nabbed more than US$635,000 in counterfeit Lightning cables and adapters during a search in Anchorage. The cables and adapters ha...

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Apple ends Kickstarter project over Lightning licensing rules (updated)

Update: Ars Technica reports that Apple has reversed course on its decision and is allowing 30-pin and Lightning dock connectors to be on the same device for charging. The team behind the Kickstarter-funded POP power station must refund all the money it collected after it failed to get appro...

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Griffin PowerJolt SE Car Charger with Lightning Connector: A first look

In a refreshing development, a lot of Apple-approved iOS accessories with Lightning connectors are starting to hit the market. Over the past few days, we've seen items from Scosche, Belkin and JBL come out; today we're looking at Griffin's PowerJolt SE Car Charger with Lightning Connector (US$2...

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Apple announces fourth generation iPad

Consumers and competitors alike apparently can't get too comfortable with the pace of iPad updates, because just six months after the "new iPad" came out, Apple has announced the fourth-generation iPad. Powered by an A6X chip, it doubles the CPU performance of its predecessor. It has a 720p FaceTi...

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Macworld goes hands-on with Apple's Lightning adapter

One of the more controversial design decisions on the iPhone 5 was the change to the Lightning connector. In order to smooth the transition from the 30-pin Dock connector that had been in existence since before the first iPhone, Apple developed two adapters -- the US$29 Lightning to 30-pin adap...

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