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How to build a homemade version of the Adobe Ink stylus and Slide ruler for iPad

Earlier this year, Adobe introduced Ink & Slide, an iPad stylus and ruler combination that works with its new drawing and drafting app, Adobe Line. The accessory pair will set you back US$200, but you can build your own for a fraction of the cost. The easiest way to duplicate most of the fu...

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Some see iPhone queue as marketing opportunity

Most of us sit in line to get an iPhone for our personal use, but some see the iPhone launch frenzy as a way to grab some free exposure or make some extra cash. A report by Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Apple 2.0, profiles some of the early line-waiters who are using the opportunity to promote their w...

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Hong Kong line for iPhone 4S numbers in the thousands

We mentioned in passing that the iPhone 4S had sold out in ten minutes at the Hong Kong Apple Store, but given these pictures that have been posted online since, a statement like that doesn't really do the launch justice. That place looks like a madhouse -- thousands of people lined up to buy A...

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Customers line up for iPhone 4S on launch day

It's iPhone 4S day and people are lining up around the world to be the first to buy the iPhone 4S. Lines range from really short to really long, depending on where you live. Here in the US, the iPhone 4S is available from several retailers and three wireless carriers which will reduce the numbe...

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Long line forms for WWDC

This is just crazy. A growing line of attendees is forming outside the Moscone Center as people begin to line up at WWDC. The line started overnight and extends over six blocks. Here is what some people are saying about their wait: Cold in the #wwdc line. I need to find a Flash website and...

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Two Australian Apple fans wait 50 hours in line for an iPad 2

Alex Lee can cross another item off his bucket list: waiting in line for 50 hours to be one of the first people in Australia to own a shiny new iPad 2. Actually, the 28-year-old IT consultant from Canada is already one of the first people in Australia to own an iPad 2; Lee bought one while vi...

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Long iPad lines continue at some Apple Stores, many go home empty-handed

As midnight approaches on the East Coast of the US, long lines for the iPad 2 remain at some Apple Stores. The image above shows the line at the 5th Avenue store in New York City just before 11 PM local time, with dozens of people still waiting outside the store well after nightfall. Meanwhil...

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Dispatches from the iPad 2 front lines

11:45 AM (Steve Sande): I'm here at the Aspen Grove Apple Store in Littleton, Colorado, and fortunately it's warm and clear. I'm at about the 20th person in line, and my cohort in crime Erica Sadun just showed up. It's a congenial group in line this morning. Apparently, the first person in li...

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China gets the iPad

As you can see in the video above, China finally got the iPad (officially) this week, and Mac fans there were pretty excited about it. The device went on sale this morning at the Apple Stores in Beijing and Shanghai, and hundreds of people stood in the rain -- one man was there waiting for two da...

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Newest Canadian Apple Store draws hundreds

Here's a local report from Newmarket, Ontario in Canada, where Apple opened up a brand new store at the Upper Canada Mall over the weekend. Apparently hundreds of people were in line for the opening on Saturday morning, trying to get the iPhone 4 as well as all of the new iPod devices. Everybody ...

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The line in Knoxville, TN is freaking huge

I came up to our local mall this morning and found that they had just begun to let people inside at 6:30am. The line for the iPhone 4 was huge, and apparently that was just for the non-preorders. The pre-order line snakes from the Apple Store to nearly the front door, and I'd say there are well o...

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Images from the iPad line in Knoxville, TN

About 60 people in line. We'll be streaming live on Ustream a little today, plus a Q&A later this morning. Stay tuned! ...

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Eleven ways to stifle boredom in the iPad line

One of most excruciatingly boring experiences of my life was waiting in line on June 29, 2007 for my first-generation iPhone. The day was clear and hot, and although I had my laptop with me, it quickly ran out of juice as we waited for the official opening of the store for iPhone sales at 5 PM. ...

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Woz to buy two iPads

Newsweek chatted with one Steve Wozniak the week before the iPad launch, and unsurprisingly, he's going all-in on the new device, and planning on picking up (at least) two, one WiFi and one 3G. He's ordered them up online already, but he says he'll still be stopping by an Apple Store on Friday eveni...

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iPhone 3G S waiting, hoping, livestreaming

No one expects the iPhone 3G S lines to stretch on as the 3G lines did, but that doesn't mean there isn't some anticipation. In fact, in several places where lines will allow (as in, not in my mall) there are queues forming already for the fastest iPhone yet. How many of you are willing to wait in l...

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