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YouTube seals deals with major studios to compete with iTunes

Google-owned YouTube plans to expand the premium on-demand video rental services offered through its website. Earlier this week, Google and YouTube reportedly closed deals with Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Universal and Lionsgate to offer filmed content from these studios as str...

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Apple takes 4 percent of US digital video market, Netflix reigns

The NPD Group crowned Netflix the heavyweight champion of digital, video-on-demand services in a statement released earlier today. Between January 2011 and February 2011, Netflix accounted for 61 percent of all movies downloaded or streamed over the internet or offered on-demand through a cable...

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Stallone, Alba on your iPod courtesy of Lionsgate

Following Fox's lead, Lionsgate is signing up to add a 'Digital Copy for iTunes' to their DVD releases. Owners of DVD's with the extra content will be able to pop them into their Mac (or PC), enter a code into iTunes and have an iPod/iPhone/Apple TV-compatible copy added to iTunes. The copy is only ...

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Apple announces Lionsgate Movies now in the iTunes Store

Apple today announced the availability of movies from the Lionsgate studio in the iTunes Store. Blockbusters like Terminator 2, LA Story and Basic Instinct are available today, with more than 150 titles on their way by the end of the month. Unfortunately, this looks like another Paramount score - u...

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