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Tag: Lisa

Two Apple keyboards, 24 years apart

Here we have an Apple Lisa keyboard alongside one of the company's current offerings. There's something about those old, massive keyboards that still feels great. The massive key travel distance, the satisfying snap of a keystroke, and the fact that you could probably live through a zombie attack...

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The poor $10,000 Apple Lisa

A tragic end for one particular Apple Lisa. Not a very fitting end for a computer that once cost US$10,000. [Photo credit: Daniel Rehn]...

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Before Macintosh there was Lisa and its incredible demo video

Sitting in the shadow of the revolutionary Apple Macintosh is the Mac's lesser known sibling, the Lisa. The Pete Best of the Apple world, Lisa was released in 1983 and discontinued three years later, left behind in the dust of the Macintosh's overwhelming popularity. Its major failing was the i...

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Happy birthday, Apple Lisa and the Apple IIe

A happy belated birthday to the Apple Lisa and the Apple IIe! As of January 19th they both turned 30 years old. The two computers pretty much launched Apple and chances are that, without either, none of us would be using our MacBook Airs, iPads or iPhones today. As someone who is barely older t...

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The Unreliable LISA

I missed the earliest Apples, having bought a NEC PC-8001 in 1981 and then a Convergent Technologies/Burroughs B20 in 1985. Both were clients of my ad agency; neither were bad machines, with color monitors and some graphics capabilities. The B20 drove a Qume daisywheel printer at about 20 characters...

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Flickr Find: Apple homepage, 1983

Of course, we didn't have Flash, or web designers, or shiny browsers with big graphics, or the actual connections to load those graphics back in 1983 when Apple introduced the Lisa. But what if we did? That's the premise of this slick little photoshop by Dave Lawrence, imagining Apple's current ho...

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TUAW 1986

Luxo Jr. gets Academy Award nomination Even though Steve Jobs is no longer with Apple, we're still interested in what he's doing. You'll remember that he bought a computer graphics company from director George Lucas last year (for a rumored $10 million), which he named "Pixar." We don't know how man...

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Happy birthday, mouse!

It was 40 years ago this week that Douglas Engelbart gave the first public demonstration of what would become the modern computer mouse, affectionately called "The mother of all demos." With that in mind, we've decided to take a look at the evolution of the Apple Mouse. The current version is the M...

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Found footage: Remembering Lisa

Alfred DiBlasi is at it again. A few months ago, he impressed us with the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh he found on ebay. What's impressive about that? It was still factory sealed. Never opened, never booted, never used. That's the kind of find that makes my beige, vintage heart flutter. This tim...

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MacBook Air wafts around the rumorscape

Of our predictions about Macworld this year, the subnotebook likely topped the list for most mentioned, and though the name MacBook Air sounded strange to me when I first heard it (come to think of it, it still sounds weird, unless this is actually a product made out of hardened atmosphere), it lo...

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Monopoly Here and Now released at Macgamestore

I never even realized such a thing existed, but apparently Hasbro (which now owns the Monopoly brand) had released a computer version of the famous real estate game, completely updated for 2007-- as in, there are Hybrid cars and RAZRs in the game (yeah, yeah, I'll get to that in a second), and luxur...

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The Mac collector

When we first got tipped this story (by RP-- thanks!), I was like "Oh boy, another guy who found a Newton on eBay and calls himself a Mac collector." But no, this guy is the real deal. He's got 100 Macs in his basement, including 30 Mac Classics and 18 original iMacs, as well as both a Lisa and a ...

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Blast from the Past: Apple Lisa Emulator

Ted Hodges over at Low End Mac turned up this fascinating Lisa Emulator developed by Ray Arachelian. After obtaining a copy of the Lisa ROM and the Lisa OS, Hodges gave the emulator a spin. His post shows many great screen shots of the Lisa in action. I hadn't known that all Lisa applications were ...

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Found Footage: Lisa ad staring Kevin Costner

In 1983, a sweaty businessman rode his bike to the office in the early morning. After ditching the bike and climbing the stairs, he clicked his computer's mouse, gazed contemplatively at the screen and answered an unexpected phone call with a smile. "Yeah," he said. "I'll be home for breakfast....

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Lisa sales binder

The Lisa was Steve Job's pet project until he switched to the Mac (oh, Steve, how mercurial you can be!). It was a revolutionary device that didn't sell well for the same old reasons: lack of software, and price. However, Apple did try and sell a boatload of them (I mean, they wanted to make money)....

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