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Tag: Location

Check out HelloTel when you check in to your hotel

HelloTel is a brand new social networking app. This app allows users to "check-in" to a hotel much like a user would check-in on location based apps like Foursquare. The user is then also able to see nearby users who have checked into their hotel as well as nearby hotels. It requires iOS 6.0 or ...

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Apple launches Maps Connect to let businesses add details to their Maps listing

Apple Maps has experienced some growing pains over the years, but with time the app has become a useful GPS solution. Of course there's always room for improvement, which is why Apple has launched Maps Connect. Maps Connect is a new service for small business owners who want to add more informati...

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iOS 8's privacy notification not sitting well with some developers

Along with the more headline-grabbing feature additions to iOS 8, Apple tweaked a few smaller items such as the way users are alerted to each app's use of location data. That change isn't going over well with some developers who feel that the alerts can create anxiety and shake the trust of the us...

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iOS 8 Messages app feature: Sending and sharing your location

iOS 8 is getting closer every day. For those of us who have been using the developer betas for the past several months, it's been fun to see the glitches being worked out, watch performance getting better, and to start making use of the new features. Over the past several days we've looked at the ...

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Apple officially rebuts Chinese accusation that the iPhone is a security threat

Last week we reported that a Chinese state-run TV station was quick to call the iPhone a security threat on account of the device's "frequent locations" feature first introduced in iOS 7. In typical hyperbolic fashion, the Chinese media outlet called the iPhone a "national security concern" insof...

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iPhone 101: Using Photos app to view photos sorted by location

The Photos app in iOS 7 has a useful feature that allows you to view the location information of all the photos you took during the past year. To make use of this feature, you must have geotagging turned on the settings (Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Toggle on Location Services...

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How to share your location using Apple Maps

If you need to tell someone where you are located and they are not familiar with local landmarks, you don't have to fuss with a third-party app. There's an easy way to share your coordinates using Apple's built-in Maps application. Here's how: Open up Apple Maps on your iOS device. Select the ...

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How to use TextExpander to grab your location and enter it into a document

Last week, Smile Software shared a great tip for using TextExpander to pull down your GPS coordinates so you can use them in any app. The snippet takes advantage of TextExpander's ability to run AppleScript when you call up the script using a TextExpander keyboard shortcut. Before you can use the...

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Find My Place allows you to share your location with others

Find my place is small navigation app that does one thing -- it allows you to send your GPS coordinates to someone via SMS. It's a unitasker that could be useful when you are lost and want someone to find you. When the app launches, it pinpoints your location on a map, shows the Longitude and Lat...

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IFTTT adds a location channel to its iOS App

IFTTT updated its iOS app today, adding in a major new feature -- the ability to use location as a trigger in your recipes. Version 1.3 of IFTTT adds a new iOS location channel that you can use in any recipe. This location feature allows you to setup a geographic fence that'll trigger an action w...

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Glympse adds in-flight tracking to its location-sharing service

Location-sharing app Glympse has added a new feature that'll allow users to track a friend or loved one while they fly. Glympse has partnered with in-flight WiFi service Gogo to bring this new In-flight feature to life. If you've never used Glympse, the service allows users to send temporary loca...

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WSJ: Apple acquires WiFiSLAM indoor location tech startup

In a reported $20 million acquisition deal, Apple has bought the "indoor GPS" company WiFiSLAM, according to the Wall Street Journal Digits blog. The startup, founded by Stanford CS grad & former Google coding intern Joseph Huang, offered a way to let smartphones find their location indoo...

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Tractive uses GPS to track your pets

Most dogs and outdoor cats like to wander when they are left outside. Cats, especially, will disappear for the day on some adventure in your neighborhood. If you are concerned or curious about their travels, an upcoming product called Tractive will let you see where they go when they meander ...

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How Yelp's flaws affect Apple Maps

It's been clear from the start that Apple Maps isn't perfect. In fact, in some instances it's proven to be downright broken. And while the blame ultimately lies at Apple's feet, it turns out that you -- yes, you -- might have played a roll in the new app's less-than-stellar debut. You see, Appl...

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Friday Favorite: Satellite Eyes swaps out your OS X desktop wallpaper with satellite imagery of your location

Sometimes you find an app that stands out because it's different and does something fun. One such app is Satellite Eyes from technologist and engineer Tom Taylor. It's a simple OS X app that sits in your menu tray and uses your location information to replace your desktop wallpaper with an over...

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