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Tag: Luxury

This $5,000 iPhone 6 belongs on your wish list

Want to really make a statement at this year's family holiday gathering? Unwrapping this absurdly opulent iPhone 6 would certainly elicit gasps -- and maybe a few gags -- from all corners of the room. It's called the Luxury Gold iPhone 6 Swarovski Brilliance Elite, and its price tag is even more o...

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This gold-plated, Putin-worshiping iPhone is the price of a used car

You can get a whole lot of gaudy decorations for your iPhone, but if you're really looking to add some Russian flair, you can't do much better than a golden portrait of Vladimir Putin. The Supremo Putin -- yes, that's what they actually named this custom iPhone -- comes from Italian luxury retaile...

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Truffol's iPhone 5 cases prove that luxury doesn't need to mean expensive

I've probably seen every iPhone case in the world at one point or another. For every ten or twenty low-cost plastic cases I see, I might see a single luxury case. These cases are different from the rest, often showing better workmanship, materials like wood, leather, and steel, and a higher price ...

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Element Case's Ronin case for iPhone 5: Lightweight luxury (updated)

A few weeks ago I received a PR blast from Element Case about their new Ronin case for iPhone 5 ($199.99) and just had to write a short post about it due to its unique and gorgeous design. The case uses a combination of nickel-plated aluminum, exotic wood, and leather in a design that is stunni...

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Golden Dreams smothers the iPhone 5 in gold and alligator skin

Sure, the iPhone 5 is great, but it's not that great, right? Yes, its ultra-thin design, complex manufacturing process and gorgeous Retina display make it a flagship device, but you know what it doesn't have? Alligator leather. That is, until Swiss company Golden Dreams gets ahold of it. StupidDop...

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SoundShrine gives your iPad the royal treatment

Noticed by Foolish Gadgets, the SoundShrine is the most luxurious looking iPad dock that you will never own. Created by Bavarian photographer Georg Dinkel, the TonSchrein (loosely translated from German to SoundShrine) will cradle your iPad in an ornately-designed, golden-colored polymer clay. ...

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No Comment: Paper Passion perfume for e-booklovers

Ah, the smell of books. That musty crinkly-nose sensation that transports you to old libraries, bookstores, and cluttered offices. It produces a visceral sensation of being surrounded by knowledge and adventure, where a page turn can introduce wonders and possibilities. A whiff of the antiquari...

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Super yacht controlled by an iPad

Looking more like a floating spaceship than a luxury boat, the Adastra is the result of five years of work by billionaire Anto Marden and yacht designer John Shuttleworth. Not only is the boat an object to behold, it's also crammed full of high-tech goodness like an iPad-powered remote control ...

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Wrap your iPad in Ferrari leather

You may not be able to afford that Ferarri that's ready to wrap around your iPod, but how about just a Ferrari case? RazorianFly points us to these Ferrari-branded iDevice cases which allow you to put your iPad or iPhone 4 in the same rich, supple leather that goes into the legendary supercars....

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$600k a week iPad-controlled charter yacht

First land, then air, and now sea. This $600,000 per week charter superyacht, called "Solemates," is also controlled by Apple's iPad device. When you rent the boat and step onboard, the captain hands you an iPad with a custom-made app that allows you to control the lights and climate systems on the...

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Luxury iPhone 4s, iPads a great idea for well-heeled givers

Looking for a Christmas gift that is so unique that only a handful of people on the planet will find it beneath the Christmas tree? If you happen to have a wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket, then you might want to contact luxury electronics designer Stuart Hughes. Liverpool, UK-based designe...

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No Comment: A diamond-encrusted iPhone 4

So, Apple's free bumper case wasn't enough for you? Do you want to encase your iPhone in something a little more ... erm, maybe "classy" isn't necessarily the word for this one. At any rate, as you can see above, customizer Stuart Hughes has enwrapped this iPhone 4 in over 500 diamonds (totaling ov...

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Looking for a new yacht? Sunseeker app can help your search

Is that little 50' motor yacht of yours just not making your heart beat with joy any more? Do you need a new yacht on which to stretch your legs and get away from the paparazzi? Does it just bother you that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has a bigger yacht than you do (see photo above of his "boat" in Co...

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Louis Vuitton selling an iPad case you don't need

Luxist is our luxury-obsessed sister blog here at Weblogs, Inc, and even though I'm just a poor blogger, I still enjoy browsing through their site every day, checking out all of the stuff I don't need and can't buy. Enter the Louis Vuitton iPad case, patterned canvas cases made by the famous French...

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Hands-on: Savant shows off their iPad interface

Savant AV brought their iPad road tour to a location that happens to be pretty close to me in Irvine, California. So, I headed down there to take a look at their brand new iPad app, an interface for wirelessly controlling their high-end home automation systems. The company helps dealers put togethe...

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