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Ive scores another design award for the iPhone

Apple's Senior VP of Industrial Design Jonthan Ive has won yet another design award, this time for the iPhone. The Mobile Data Association recognizes "those UK companies and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the uptake and success of mobile data over the last 12 months." Ive w...

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TUAW Exclusive: MacHeist details

From the people who brought you My Dream App comes the next big thing in Mac software. You might have seen other sites talking about MacHeist, but unlike everyone else in our little corner of the internet, we actually know what MacHeist is all about. Here's what we know: The eventual product of...

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My Dream App Winners Announced!

The votes are in folks, and the winners are Atmosphere, Portal, and Cookbook, with Portal beating out Hijack by only 5 votes. It looked like Hijack had Portal beaten, that is before the filtering of fraudulent votes. Fraudulent votes were defined as more than 50 votes for the same application origin...

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My Dream App final round voting

Eight o'clock (EDT) tomorrow night marks the end of voting for the final round of Phill Ryu's My Dream App competition. What started just over a month ago with 24 eager contestants and their software-concepts has been whittled down by four rounds of voting to the six best ideas as decided by thousa...

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