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Connect360 updated with H.264 support

A while back in our TUAW Guide to Xbox 360 and Mac we mentioned the forthcoming Spring Dashboard update on the 360 was to bring updated video codec support. Well that update dropped last week and Nullriver has correspondingly updated their Connect360 software (which we've mentioned before) that allo...

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Feed your Apple TV with Archive.org

The Internet Archive offers many treats to its visitors. These range from the WaybackMachine web page archive to a 38-thousand-plus live concert recordings collection to its nearly 200,000 eTexts, and that doesn't even touch videos. Archive.org's Moving Image archive is chock full of video already c...

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Easy iPod/PSP movies with Instant Handbrake

When it comes to turning a DVD into a movie file, Handbrake's name is hailed far and wide for its ease of use, speed and overall quality. Recently, Handbrake's developer took these praised aspects and raised the bar by releasing Instant Handbrake (beta), a one-stop, brain-dead-easy app for convertin...

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