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Tag: Mac 101

Mac 101: How to create a time-saving printer pool in OS X

Yesterday I had a call from an old consulting client of mine, who was wondering if there was a way that she could set up a way of sending print jobs from a Mac to any printer in her office -- any printer that wasn't already tied up printing something else for another person. Her company does a lot...

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Mac 101: Use Spotlight to quickly solve math problems

OS X's search tool, Spotlight, does more than just file and web searches. The handy utility also can be used to do semi-complex math equations with the answers appearing within the results section of the app. To use Spotlight for math, just open the utility by selecting the magnifying glass ico...

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Mac 101: How to disable that annoying volume noise

Apple's OS X has one little feature that makes me nuts. When you adjust the volume with the keyboard or Menu Bar slider, it makes a little "pip" sound as the volume increases or decreases. On one hand, it's a nice confirmation that you've successfully made a change; on the other hand, it's an anno...

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Mac 101: quickly change volume input, output

Many Mac users have several input and output devices for sound. For example, I have a mic, external speakers and a set of headphones connected to my MacBook Pro pretty much all the time. I also use Soundflower for capturing audio from my Mac. I can make any one of them active via the sound System Pr...

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Mac 101: How to add custom artwork to your iTunes songs and movies

A significant chunk of my iTunes library is comprised of CD rips and a few independent recordings from musician friends. As a result, a fair number of tracks lack the excellent artwork that graces iTunes. If you are in a similar situation, you can quickly add artwork to individual tracks or even s...

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Mac 101: Send a message with a screen grab quickly through OS X Notification Center

OS X's Notification Center is great for receiving incoming alerts, but you also can use the panel to compose a quick message and send it via the Messages app. Even more useful is the ability to add a screen grab right along with your text, making it perfect for those "you gotta see this" moments. ...

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Mac 101: Use Command-P to print and other useful Finder keyboard shortcuts

Yesterday, our Editor-in-chief Victor Agreda misfired in one of his keyboard combinations -- selecting multiple files and then hitting Command-P, instead of Command-O when trying to open the documents. He was reminded of this longstanding "Print" feature and other similar shortcuts that are often ...

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Mac 101: How to type an accented character in just a few seconds

If you communicate internationally, there will be times when you need to use an accented character in your prose. If you don't use these special characters very often, you may fumble around OS X looking for a way to add to your text. Don't waste extra time hunting through the preferences or the ch...

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Mac 101: How to scroll quickly through a web page or long document

In so many areas of OS X, Apple has added quick little tricks that make it easier for you to complete an action -- such as using the Option-Shift key when adjust volume to raise or lower it in smaller increments. When you are reading a long document that does not have a text entry field, you can u...

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Mac 101: How to add images to an iMessage

Adding images to an iMessage on your iPhone is easy to do as there is a "camera" icon right next to the message composition field. On the Mac, though, this option is not readily apparent, leaving many desktop users scratching their head when they want to add a simple image to a message they are wr...

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Mac 101: quickly transform selected text into a new Stickies note

The Stickies app on the Mac goes back to System 7.5, believe it or not. And though it remains a part of OS X, I can't imagine it gets much use. Nonetheless, if you happen to be one of the few and the proud who still use Stickies regularly, you'll likely find this tip rather helpful. I'll even go out...

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Mac 101: How to work with two apps without switching windows

OS X has a little known feature that allows you to scroll open windows while they remain in the background. Usually, you discover this feature by accident when you are using an app in one window, hover your cursor over another open app window and scroll your fingers by mistake. You then are shoc...

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Mac 101: How to use OS X macros to quickly enter long strings of text

Text substitution is a useful OS X feature that has been around since Snow Leopard. These macros allow you to type in a short string of characters, such as "omw" and have those characters automatically replaced with a longer string such as "On my way!" The feature is easy to setup, even easier to ...

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Mac 101: Adjust the volume or brightness in smaller increments using these handy tips

Recent MacBook Pro and Air models have a wonderful keyboard that allows you to quickly adjust the volume of the system and the brightness of either your display or backlit keyboard. When you tap these brightness buttons, the levels are adjusted in single increments between 0 and 16. This is useful...

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Mac 101: How to change the email addresses for individual contacts in a group

Like most good contact managers, the OS X Contacts app allows you to create a contact group that you can use to send emails to several people at once. Contact groups are indispensable for users who communicate with a variety of different friends, associations, organizations and more. One question...

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