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Mariner Software celebrates 21st anniversary, gives you 50% off desktop products

Minneapolis-based Mariner Software is celebrating its 21st anniversary in the software business, and is offering customers 50% off on all desktop software products for a limited time as an anniversary "present." Mariner has been a fixture in the Mac OS software world, particularly with creati...

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Macjournal 5 is ready to go

Mariner Software's MacJournal received a major update this week with some great new features. If you're unfamiliar, MacJournal is a great journaling and organization application with podcasting support, AES-256 encryption and more. It's quite useful and full-featured. Speaking of features, changes t...

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MacJournal 4.0 beta

MacJournal 3.x went Universal just last month, but Dan Schimpf, its developer, has made a 4.0 beta available on the MacJournal Development Blog. The list of changes, updates and fixes in 4.0 is long, as Dan talks about in-depth in this entry, but the biggest new features by far sounds like a major f...

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Macjournal goes universal

Macjournal, the popular note taking and organizational tool, has gone universal with the release of version 3.3. I have a friend who works as a teacher and uses Macjournal religiously to keep track of students, meetings with parents, etc. It really is pretty handy. Changes in version 3.3 include: ...

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Mariner Software's Five Pack Friday

Mariner Software is running a Five Pack Friday sale from today through Friday, Sept 2, 2005. Aimed at small businesses (or large families), the sale slashes the price of all Five Packs of any of their product lines by 50%. Basically a buy two and a half, get two and a half for free. A real barga...

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