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Tag: MacOsXHints

Happy 10th birthday to Mac OS X Hints

Because we veteran Mac sites have to stick together, we're sending congratulations out to the good folks over at Mac OS X Hints, who yesterday turned the ripe old age (in blogging years, anyway) of ten years old. The site, created by Rob Griffiths and now run by Macworld, continues to be a terrific...

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Rob Griffiths leaves Mac OS X Hints

I have to admit that I don't always use them, but I do always enjoy reading the hints over at Mac OS X Hints -- there probably isn't a more eclectic or helpful mix of random hints about how to use your Mac or iPhone available on the Internet. So I was saddened to read today that editor Rob Griffith...

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Mac 301: Time Machine backups after your Mac's brain surgery

As I've discovered recently, one of the unfortunate side effects of having the logic board on your computer replaced (aside from the potentially hefty bill involved if your AppleCare has lapsed) is that your Time Machine backups won't play nicely with your Mac after the repair if you're using a Time...

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MobileMe silently filtering email to

According to Mac OS X Hints, if you're trying to send an email to someone with a email address with your MobileMe account, chances are the message will never arrive, and you won't be notified. What's worse, apparently if you're sending the message to a distribution list, and only one of ...

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Text to Audiobook free script

The idea of being able to select text and have it automatically converted into an audiobook using text-to-speech isn't a new one, but it is a good one. I mean, who doesn't love the idea of being able to take longer text on the road with you and listen to it in the car or on the bus? Well, if you lov...

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MacOSXHints celebrates seventh birthday

It's hard to believe that the essential and educational font of Mac knowledge,, is celebrating seven years of tips and tricks this week. Day in and day out, Rob Griffiths and his colleagues (the site is now owned by Macworld, but it began life as an independent resource) provide an ...

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Add music to auto-synced iPods from any Mac (photos and videos, too)

At last, the chains that bind an auto-synced iPod have been broken; or at least, this is the first time I've heard of such a simple hint for adding music (and possibly photos and video) to an iPod already bound to another computer's library. Mac OS X Hints has a surprisingly simple tip for accomplis...

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Selectively hide the dock and menubar in some apps

Yet another slick tip I found while parsing my Mac OS X Hints feed is a fairly simple hack for setting the dock and menubar to auto-hide based on which app is in the foreground. This can come in very handy if you usually like to see these elements, but often work in screen-hungry apps that can't aut...

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TextEdit data loss concerns

Over at MacOSXHints, Rob G. has posted a must-read article about possible data loss from TextEdit's Save dialog. The problem stems from TextEdit's (and Cocoa's) willingness to overwrite entire folders with text files. This data security hole seems to occur because "bundle" style files (which are act...

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TUAW Tip: How to enable Front Row on the Mac Pro

MacOSXHints reader posted a tip about how to enable Front Row on your Mac Pro. This trick will get around the problem of no Apple IR remote being detected, which causes Front Row to fail to launch. Front Row is already installed on Mac Pros - it just doesn't work. It just sits there, teasing you... ...

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iCal can publish through FTP after all

Well color us surprised: Mac OS X Hints just found out that iCal actually can publish calendars through FTP (not just WebDAV), opening the doors for many users to publish their calendars and integrate them into services like Google Calendar and the like. One simply needs to use ftp:// when using the...

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Strange new sidebar shortcuts in iTunes 7

A post at Mac OS X Hints lists some bizarre shortcuts that appear to be new in iTunes 7. The shortcuts apply to selecting the various content sections such as Music, Movies and the Store, but what's strange is that if you have any playlists which begin with the same letter as the shortcut, the playl...

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Mail attachment reminder saves embarassment

I've done it again -- sent an email that mentions an attachment, and then forgot to attach the file. It's always embarassing. Here's a way to save yourself from similar humiliation. Download this free Attachment Scanner plugin for, and install it following the directions on the developer's...

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Directly access digicam images in iPhoto

The fact that iPhoto, even the latest and shiniest '06 version, doesn't allow access to a camera's storage card to pick and chose which images get imported has irked users across this great planet of ours for years - until now. macosxhints has discovered that striking the return key twice when the i...

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Use iMovie to remove iTMS DRM

This tip has apparently been around for quite a while, but the indispensable macosxhints just discovered it today, and I thought I'd share the love. It turns out that, using iMovie and at least one picture/video file, you can chose a couple of specific export options to crank out a DRM-free AIFF fil...

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