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Relive the past with Cloudpaint, MacPaint in the cloud

What's more retro Mac than MacPaint? It was the application that drew many of us to the joys of Macintosh in 1984, as there was nothing like it on any other platform. The app, which was included on the boot disks, let you do bit-mapped painting in a variety of monochrome patterns. You could even c...

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Kindle Fire transforms into a Mac Plus and Newton MessagePad

Last year when the Amazon Kindle Fire first hit the market, I bought one for US$199 to do research for a book. Since the book was published, I haven't touched the Fire at all -- until now. Based on a story I posted the other day about running an old version of the Mac OS on a Nook Simple Touch,...

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Found Footage: MacPaint introductory video

Vintage Apple fans should check out Matt Pearce and his "Matt's Macintosh" YouTube channel. Besides current content, his channel is full of videos featuring his 1984 Macintosh 128K. He has a quick tutorial from earlier this year that showcases MacPaint and a more recent video of an Iron Man des...

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Bill Atkinson part of the Google+ team (Updated: Apparently not)

Update: The San Jose Mercury News got this one wrong and the info has been redacted in their original story. While Mr. Atkinson is a user, he's not a part of Google's team. Thanks to everyone who brought this to our attention and Mike Swift for the correction. Bill Atkinson, the developer o...

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Apple donates MacPaint source to museum

MacPaint was one of the first big "wows" of the graphical UI. Before the early days of Mac OS, operating systems were strictly text affairs, and creating graphics was done mostly by writing code. But MacPaint helped to change all of that, putting image creation in a graphical user interface (creatin...

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