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Writing On The iPad is a textbook for iOS automation

Writing On The iPad: Text Automation with Editorial by Federico Viticci is fantastic. If you have any interest in automation on iOS, this book is the key that will show you how to unlock the power of Editorial. Federico revealed that he has been using Editorial and his iPad to publish MacStories for...

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Updates to 'Apple and Education' web pages spotlight OS X, iOS in schools

Apple's getting into the "Back to School" vibe with a new look and feel -- and content -- for the Apple and Education website pages. A "Real Stories" page provides video interviews with a number of educators from various grade levels on how they're using Macs and iPads to reinvent learning. There...

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Gmail for iOS updated with sign-out option, better iOS app integration

Gmail for iOS was updated today to version 2.2.7182, and folks who use the app to grab their Gmail-flavored email are going to be happy. First, there's now a way to sign out of individual accounts. In the past, signing out of one account was impossible -- you had to sign out of all of them at onc...

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Developers chime in on six months of using iCloud in apps

It's been six months since Apple released iOS 5 and launched iCloud. During this time, iCloud has grown to over 85 million users and developers are integrating the cloud service into a variety of apps. To find out what developers think about Apple's push into the cloud, you should read this rec...

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A visual representation of iPhone launches

Remember just about two weeks ago, when some naysayers were sure that the iPhone 4S wasn't going to sell because it wasn't a totally new design and wasn't that different from the iPhone 4? As you learned on TUAW this morning, Apple sold four million of the new phones over the weekend. Federico ...

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