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Survey reveals Mac and PC people think differently

According to the results of a massive survey by Hunch.com, Mac people are frequently young, vegetarian city-dwellers who like modern art, liberal politics, and independent films. Meanwhile, Windows supporters tend to be older, more conservative, and more likely to compare talking about computers t...

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AOL Shopping settles Mac vs. PC debate?

The fine folks at AOL Shopping, in their infinite wisdom, have summarized a quarter-century of debate in their feature on whether you should buy a Mac or a PC. The bottom line? "You should buy a PC, if you already own a lot of PC software that you want to continue using. [...] If you want to do ar...

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Vista beats OS X? Really?

ComputerWorld's Preston Gralla posted a blog entry titled, Five reasons why Vista beats Mac OS X. Clearly, this was link-bait, but you know what, I'll bite. And although I vehemently disagree with the post's title and assertion, I want to make it clear that I'm not coming at this from the typical...

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New iPhone Ads: what Mac ads should be

Apple's seeming refusal to demonstrate actual features of the Mac in their advertising is a common lament amongst the Mac Faithful. Sure, the Mac v.s PC campaign is lots of fun, and it does at least draw attention to the differences between the two platforms, but where are the ads actually showing...

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Found Footage: Letterman takes on Mac vs. PC

You know how it goes. The dumpy guy is supposed to be the PC and the cool guy is the Mac. Right? David Letterman decided to redefine the Mac vs PC conflict, enlisting Chris Elliott to play Mac. Here's Letterman's take on the whole phenomenon. Let's just say that Mac doesn't make out quite so well...

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Applepeels on those times we're glad we got a Mac

David Sobotta has a new post up about a topic close to my heart - those times when we're all glad we have a Mac. The two key points Sobotta references as shining Mac moments are the ability for Mac OS X to create PDFs out of the box, with no additional software required, and the OS X Migration Assis...

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