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Tag: Macworld2007

MWSF Keynote in a nutshell

Macworld2007's keynote left a lot of things unsaid. Any of you expecting a Leopard ship date, 2007 iSoftware announcements, or even coverage of Adobe and Microsoft flagship products were left wanting. In fact, going back through my notes, the keynote basically came down to this: 9:15 The Intel tran...

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Apple VPs confirm no 3rd party iPhone apps

The lucky Gizmodo guys got their paws on an actual iPhone plus an hour of Q&A with some Apple VPs. Here are some of their scoops: The OS isn't going to be "OS X for real." It's more like a pseudo-OS X and, like the iPod, it will not have a public API and open development. This confirms what Dan...

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Nic Carr on the iPhone

Nic Carr has a quick op-ed up over at RoughType that's worth popping by to read. In it, he contrasts Bill Gates with Steve Jobs. Gates, he says, pitches a "'digital lifestyle' that nobody wants...[suggesting] that people want nothing more than to be network administrators." Jobs, in contrast, "is no...

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Will the iPhone cannibalize iPod sales? Or vice versa?

Yesterday, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. It is clearly the next generation of iPod. It's the full-screen video iPod we've waited for. It's the full-color fully-designed interface we've waited for. It's the fully-connected wifi and bluetooth device we've waited for. And that doesn't even mention...

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AppleTV requires iTunes 7.1

We may be living in a 7.0.2 world, but AppleTV seems destined for an iTunes 7.1 one. Eagle eyed TUAW reader Chris Hileman points us to evidence of iTunes 7.1's imminent release. Pop over to the AppleTV specs page and check out the system requirements. Along with Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later and Win XP ...

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iPhone on MySpace

I'm pretty sure that this MySpace page comes from a fan, and not from Apple, but it still made me chuckle. The iPhone is listed as being male, 30 years old, with 0 friends. There's a bit of the Apple hype cut and pasted onto the page. For more iPhone goodness, take a look at all the Flickr photos t...

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Dan Warne hates 10 things about the iPhone

Nothing in this world is perfect, other than hindsight, and the iPhone is no exception. People will encounter quirks when using this product in the real world. Hey, it happens (especially with a first rev of a complex product). Dan Warne has given a little thought to the iPhone and has created a l...

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iPhone Will Not Allow User Installable Applications

While I was back taking pictures of the iPhone for a second time, I got chatting with one of the security/information attendants guarding the device from our grubby little fingers. The impression I got from the information coming out of the keynote was that the device would feature a full install of...

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Revisiting the Rumors: Rebecca Runkle proved right

About a month ago, AppleInsider reported that Morgan Stanley analyst Rebecca Runkle's research note detailed her findings from unnamed inside sources. Her predictions were: 4GB and 8GB models, priced at $599 and $649, although she suggested that a slightly lower list price would be a conservative...

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Flickr Find: iWoz sighting

TUAW reader Tyler Howarth had a rare encounter this morning with the elusive Wozbeast. The Woz, which is not often found in the wild, was encountered just outside of Moscone North this morning. By approaching him carefully and not showing agression, Tyler and his friend Mike were able to entice him...

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iPhone: Up Close and Personal Gallery

I was able to sneak back through the crowd and grab a few more pictures of the new iPhone, including detailed shots of the innovative interface. This is about as close as we're going to get to the device until launch....

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Software Not Addressed In Macworld Keynote

Today was certainly exciting day for everyone following the Macworld Expo. The announcement of the iPhone and the Apple TV, the latter more so than the former, certainly blew this blogger away. The one category of products expected by almost everyone, but missing from the keynote, was Apple's lineup...

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iPhone Announced at Macworld Expo 2007

Steve Jobs just dropped a bombshell on the audience attending his Macworld Keynote Address. Jobs at first announced the product as three separate products; a widescreen video iPod, a phone, and a mobile internet communicator. This was exciting enough, but I'm sure I'm not the only person who wa...

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Wall Street rises on Apple rumors

CNN Money reports that today's Apple rumors helped boost US stock prices this morning at the opening bell. Between the Cingular deal for the iPhone broken last night by the Wall Street Journal and news that Paramount/Viacom may join the iTunes store for catalog sales, it looks like good news for tec...

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Greenpeace Greens Apple Store San Francisco

Greenpeace today, as part of its initiative, "greened" Apple's flagship San Francisco retail store to raise awareness of toxic substances present in electronics manufactured and sold by the Cupertino, CA company. Greenpeace members handed our flyers while a large-scale projector wa...

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