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Found Footage: They iScrewed me again

I can't say MADtv is my favorite sketch show, and personally I really liked the Feist iPod ads, but in terms of skewering the downsides of being an iPod user, they pretty much hit the nail on the head on this one. If you listen to our talkcast, you'll already know that Apple makes their product rel...

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Found Footage: Steve introduces the iRack

Apple's increasing popularity is making Steve Jobs more recognizable outside of the usual circles of computer geeks. As a purveyor of pop culture, he's ripe for satire. SNL has aired some reasonably funny skits, but Mad TV really hits a homer with this skit: Steve introduces the "iRack." It does...

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Mad TV's take on the iPhone

I've never been a big fan of Mad TV (and I didn't really care for their iPad spoof - not because it was offensive, just because it wasn't funny), but a friend just sent me this clip from YouTube and I'll admit to being amused by it. The impression of Steve Jobs, as portrayed by Michael McDonald (...

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Mad TV - Apple's iPad

Mad TV has produced one of the raunchier iPod spoofs we've seen to date (meaning: probably not safe for work) in the form of an advertisement of, how shall we say, pads for women who 'think different'. The 'iPad' ad wins bonus points for coming complete with a spoof of the iPod silhouette ads and a ...

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