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Apple sued over all touch-based products

FlatWorld, a Pennsylvania company, is suing Apple for patent infringement in California's Northern District Court in San Francisco, according to a report in Patently Apple. The company owns Patent RE43,318 which describes "a testing tool with a touch screen programmed to allow children to direc...

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Holiday Gift Guide: The all-purpose Mac setup

Welcome to TUAW's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide! We're here to help you choose the best gifts this holiday season, and once you've received your gifts we'll tell you what apps and accessories we think are best for your new Apple gear. Stay tuned every weekday from now until the end of the year for ou...

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Microsoft introduces Explorer Touch, a Lion-compatible mouse

Despite what people may think, here at TUAW we do try to be pretty objective about Apple and its many products and services. Yes, they've made a lot of awesome stuff (and sure, they've made some big mistakes), but that doesn't mean that we can't give props to other companies every so often. L...

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Apple patent suggests Magic Mouse with display panel

A newly revealed Apple patent has an interesting take on the Magic Mouse: the patent shows a display embedded in its touch surface, creating sort of a mini iPod touch-style interface. It's not clear just how much processing power the display-enabled mouse itself would have, but uses mentioned in th...

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Customizing a Magic Trackpad using BetterTouchTool

We took a look at BetterTouchTool last year and covered its usage with a Magic Mouse and a MacBook trackpad. As you would expect, this versatile utility can also be used to customize the functionality of the Magic Trackpad. The app features over 50 multi-touch gestures including taps, clicks and sw...

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Patents for multi-touch, iPad dock and MacBook Air awarded to Apple

Apple has been awarded several patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, one of which could be valuable ammunition in the flood of intellectual property lawsuits that has been swirling around the company lately. PatentlyApple is reporting that Apple now holds the patents for one of the prima...

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Make your Magic Mouse more comfortable and ergonomic

Here's a clever solution to an aggravating problem. Apple's Magic Mouse ships with all new iMacs and features the first multi-touch surface on a mouse. As you would expect, it's got a sleek, tidy design that looks great on your desk. But doesn't necessarily feel great in your hand. It's no hockey...

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Patent application hints at future of Magic Mouse

The US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application that hints at the future of Apple's Magic Mouse. It describes three new sensors and a triple-axis gyroscope to detect the roll, pitch, and yaw of the mouse. This means that a user could tilt the mouse from side to side to produce a ...

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Aluminum Keyboard Firmware Update 1.1 available

Earlier this month, we reported on an issue with the Magic Mouse and Apple's aluminum Bluetooth keyboard. Specifically, users were reporting that the mouse was draining the keyboard's batteries at an alarming rate. Now, Apple has released a fix. According to Apple, Aluminum Keyboard Firmware Upda...

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BetterTouchTool makes multi-touch infinitely more useful, for free

We recently covered a utility called MagicPrefs that adds a hatful of new and configurable multi-touch gestures to your Magic Mouse. Well, there's another free utility called BetterTouchTool that works with both trackpads and Magic Mice, providing a huge number of gestures and infinite possibilities...

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Magic Mouse draining Bluetooth keyboard batteries

There's a group of users on Apple's Discussion Boards who claim that their Bluetooth keyboards have been devouring batteries since they started using a Magic Mouse. Despite switching to rechargeable batteries and running all pertinent updates, the problem persists. Most of the thread's participants ...

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MagicPrefs is a must download for Magic Mouse owners

We know the Magic Mouse is selling well. I was one of the many who was pretty excited when I heard about it and grabbed one the first week it was out. When I actually went to use it, however, it was a major downer. On my Mac Pro the tracking was erratic, slow, and pretty unusable. I wasn't the only ...

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Magic Mouse doubles Apple's mouse market share

AppleInsider is reporting that in only eight weeks since its release, the Magic Mouse has helped Apple double its mouse market share. NPD Group sales data shows Apple garnered over 10% of the mouse market in November. I can personally attest to how popular the mouse is. I ordered one from Apple's...

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iSlate has a friend -- meet the mysterious Magic Slate

The slates just keep coming. Now MacRumors is reporting that Apple has filed a trademark for a device called "Magic Slate." The term was categorized broadly to cover computers, computer peripherals, computer hardware and much more. "Magic Slate" adopts a similar naming convention to the recently ...

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Ask TUAW: iMac processor upgrade, 27" iMac as display, wireless input devices, and more

Happy holiday, and welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about upgrading an iMac processor, using the 27" iMac as a display, sharing a Magic Mouse and Bluetooth keyboard with a Linux machine, and more. As always, your suggestions and qu...

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