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Mailbox for Mac now available as a public beta to OS X owners

Dropbox-owned email service Mailbox today opened its Mac beta program to the public, allowing anyone with a Mac to test-run the desktop email client. Mailbox has been around for several years on iOS, but the company launched on OS X earlier this year. The Mac version has been in a closed beta fo...

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Apple expands its recycling program and other news from April 21, 2014

On this Earth Day, Apple has expanded its free recycling program to include any Apple product, no matter the age. While not all products will be eligible for a gift card when traded in, Apple will take any item produced in its 30-year history in an effort to avert more electronic waste from reachi...

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Email reimagined (again): Ping app to launch 9/18, renamed to Hop [updated]

Update: The app formerly known as Ping has been renamed thanks to some trademark disputes; it's now called Hop, and is available in the App Store. Access to the back-end service is by reservation for the time being. If a product is really hard to search for online, it better be pretty intriguing; t...

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Mailbox iOS email client updated with cloud search

The popular Gmail email client for iOS, Mailbox, has been updated to allow for cloud searching through messages. The new feature in the version 1.5 update means users no longer have to have their emails downloaded to their device to search -- something that is incredibly handy if you have years' wor...

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Get an extra 1 GB of Dropbox storage by syncing it to Mailbox

Dropbox users take notice: Mailbox has a deal for you. Specifically, if Mailbox users sync the app to their Dropbox account, they will receive an extra 1 GB of Dropbox storage for free. The tip was first posted by The Next Web. Mailbox is the iOS email client that took the app world by storm earlie...

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A look at apps with waiting lists

The way we look at new app launches is changing thanks to the cloud. Rather than a full-scale launch that invites everyone to download and try an app, developers are rolling out their apps slowly, opting for a waiting list that meters access to a service. Several high profile apps recently used th...

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Mailbox for iPhone adds landscape, Gmail aliases

Orchestra, Inc.'s Mailbox app has been updated to version 1.3.2, bringing with it a slew of new features and fixes. The first major addition is the inclusion of landscape view support, making the app just a little easier for users who prefer a sideways keyboard. The update also brings a new "send ...

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Mailbox for iPad now available

Popular email client Mailbox is now available for iPad. Previously Mailbox was iPhone-only, but today's version 1.3 update makes it a universal app that runs on all iOS devices. The iPad version of Mailbox comes less than a month after the developers announced plans that they were working on it an...

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Mailbox is working on iPad app, desktop and other versions are in the future

In what should be one of those no-brainer decisions, the developers behind Mailbox have plans to bring the app to iPad, with desktop and Android clients not far behind, TechCrunch reports. There is no ETA on a desktop version, Mailbox developers tweeted, but it did confirm that the iPad version is...

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Mailbox app does away with reservation system

Users still waiting in line for access to the task manager/email client Mailbox will be happy to hear that the app's reservation system is no more. Orchestra announced yesterday that the waiting system has been eliminated thanks to its engineers optimizing the service's load to managable levels...

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Mailbox app has filled 1 million reservations, gets new features

Orchestra took the iOS world by storm last month when it released its iOS email client, Mailbox. It was so popular at launch that Orchestra had to institute a registration process that gave access to the service on a rolling basis. Less than one month after launch, the team at Mailbox announced...

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iPhone email manager Mailbox merging with Dropbox

This is going to make for a few Box-heavy headlines: the company behind Mailbox, the streamlined email client for the iPhone, has merged with Dropbox, according to the Mailbox blog. The developers note the app's huge growth and eager would-be users as the motivations to join forces. "We can't...

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TUAW bloggers take on the Mailbox app

You may have heard of Mailbox, an email productivity app that promises to rescue you from your overflowing inbox with its efficient method of email management. The app launched late last week with a long waiting list that's still being processed by the company. Mailbox is more than an email c...

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Mailbox for iPhone targets the "broken to-do list" of email

Feeling oppressed by your inbox? Struggling under the weight of unread messages? You're not alone. With half a billion results for "manage my/your email" there's obviously a need for help. Now add in the new wrinkle: many of us are interacting with email primarily or exclusively via our mobile de...

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Apple G4 turned into a mailbox

We love mods of older Apple hardware and the resurgence of this oldie but goodie is no exception. Spotted and photographed in the Te Atatu suburb of Auckland, New Zealand, this classic mailbox features a gutted G4 that has been modified into a mailbox, complete with a front flap and address numbers....

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