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Tag: MarsEdit

Network-related crashes in Mountain Lion pinned on proxy settings

Mountain Lion may have a bug that's affecting users who have the Auto Proxy Discovery and Automatic Proxy Configuration networking features turned on, says Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater. According to Jalkut, apps, like his own MarsEdit, throw an error involving the CoreSchedulingSet or EmptyCore...

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MacTech 2010: Daniel Jalkut on the Mac App Store and more

Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software (creator developer of MarsEdit, a TUAW favorite app for blogging) gave a talk at MacTech 2010 this morning about unit testing Mac apps, and while his developer talk was mostly over our heads, he did kindly allow us to corner him afterwards to chat about the sta...

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MarsEdit 3 adds rich text editing, enhanced media browsing

In the "send an email, post a blog entry" fun and fast-paced world of tomorrow, services like Tumblr and Posterous make it exceedingly simple to prepare and post to your blog; meanwhile, Twitter, Facebook and AOL Lifestream push past the article metaphor to 140-character status snippets. Deligh...

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Help cure diabetes, win great Mac software

Developer Jim Whimpey is riding a bike to cure diabetes, and he's asking for your help (and promising a chance at some great Mac software). For every $10 you donate to his upcoming ride in southern Australia, he'll throw your name in a raffle to win one of two big Mac software bundles, both worth al...

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Mars Edit 2.3 adds Tumblr support

MarsEdit has long been one of my Mac apps and save my writings for TUAW and Download Squad, it's what I use for almost all of my online publishing. For almost two years, I've been embroiled in a love/hate relationship with Tumblr. I love the idea of the service, but until recently, the simplicity ...

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Red Sweater releases Black Ink 1.1.3, promises Tumblr update for MarsEdit

Daniel Jalkut over at Red Sweater Software has updated crossword puzzle software Black Ink to version 1.1.3, which adds new puzzle sources and fixes some bugs. The Little Rock Daily Record stopped publishing its crossword puzzle online, but Jalkut added crosswords from the Chicago Reader, Onion AV C...

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My favorite Mac apps: Christina's Picks

Picking just three favorite Mac applications was harder than I thought it would be. I decided to forgo anything that was either built-in or part of a major productivity or creative suite and just focus on applications that make my Mac computing experience unique and complete. Coda Even before this ...

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MarsEdit hits 2.2

MarsEdit, the blogging client we've written about frequently in the past, has just been updated to version 2.2. MarsEdit is a favorite for many of us at TUAW (myself included) and supports a variety of publishing platforms. The newest version adds support for AtomPub, which like XML-RPC, is a protoc...

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MarsEdit 2.1.4 available

Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software has posted MarsEdit 2.1.4. The version includes a new dock menu item for easily starting a new post, adds better Picasa support for Blogger users, and fixes some other minor issues. MarsEdit is a standalone software application that allows you to publish blog p...

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MarsEdit 2.1.3 helps keep drafts in WP and Blogger

Daniel Jalkut posts that TUAW's favorite blogging app, MarsEdit, has hit version 2.1.3. Mainly a bug fix update, the biggest change is that drafts in WordPress and Blogger are now better handled -- their "draft" status is apparently better preserved. Additionally, a few markup elements, specifically...

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Shawn Blanc on MarsEdit 2.1

Even though we can't use a tool like MarsEdit to post here at TUAW, some of us are still big fans of the program and use it when creating content for our other, more personal sites. Like Ecto, another very good tool for this type of content creation, Mars Edit allows you to compose blog entries, com...

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MarsEdit 2.1 with saving drafts to server

Daniel Jalkut announced the release of MarsEdit 2.1, the great blogging client from Red Sweater Software. The big changes involve a nice search features that allows you to easily find drafts and recent posts, a new tag editor (and support for MT tags), a better preview function as well as my favorit...

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MarsEdit 2.0.2 fixes bugs

Scott's favorite blogging software has gotten another update, hot on the heels of the big 2.0 release. MarsEdit 2.0.2 patches up the big release with a few "slightly urgent" fixes involving using external editors and Evaluation mode (including a bug that caused you to be nagged a little more often t...

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TUAW Best of the Week

What a week for Apple fans. After a slow Labor Day, we got a huge midweek event, new iPods, and what turned out to be the week's biggest story: the iPhone is now $399. MobileChat iPhone AIM Client Debuts Started off the week with not one but two IM iPhone betas. MarsEdit 2.0 Red Sweater's blogging c...

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MarsEdit 2.0

I've been blogging for a little over seven years now (I am as shocked as you are, believe me. You would think after all this time I would be better at this!) and many things have changed. Used to be the only way you could write a post for your blog was in a browser window. You would fire up Blogger...

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