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Tag: MiFi

On the road with Xcom Global's MiFi hotspots

Since I'm on the high seas right now cruising about the polar regions on a cruise ship, I wanted to make sure that I had access to the Internet from just about anywhere. The cruise ship I'm on uses the standard satellite-based connectivity from MTN, but I felt like it would be nice to have a faste...

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Wren Sound Systems V5AP AirPlay speaker: Stunning design, incredible sound

When it comes to getting music from your iOS device to a good speaker, there are a lot of different methods. There's the tried and true dock method, which can fall to pieces when Apple comes out with a new connector design as they did last year with Lightning. Some manufacturers have the mistaken ...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me share my iPhone data to my iPad

Dear Aunt TUAW, I find myself in an interesting position. I am going to be traveling for several weeks within the US. I have my iPhone on a grandfathered unlimited data plan and a wifi iPad 2. I would like to be able to use my iPad while away not only for FaceTime but also general use and even usin...

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Daily Mac App: Mi-Fi Monitor

I don't travel a lot, but I do have a MiFi which I use during the frequent power outages that seem to plague the area where I live. To help monitor my connection and the battery life of my MiFi, I use a Mac utility called Mi-Fi Monitor. It resides in the menu bar and displays both a battery lev...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: What's my best bet for international data?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I will be in China for 10 days on vacation later this year, and I'd like to share photos, updates, etc. with friends at home. What's the best way to do that? I have an iPhone 4 and a Wi-Fi only iPad. As far as I can tell, my options are to either buy into AT&T's internatio...

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Using Personal Hotspot for FaceTime over 3G

If you've used a Novatel Wireless MiFi 3G Hotspot for Wi-Fi connectivity on the go, you know that it's basically like having a Wi-Fi router that you can carry with you anywhere. That means that anything that works on Wi-Fi -- including FaceTime video calling -- works over the 3G internet connectio...

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Verizon iPhone: Hardware is still the iPhone 4

Sure, it would have been more exciting if Verizon launched its version of the iPhone with an incremented version number and splashy new hardware capabilites -- LTE! Super-Retina display! Downward-facing camera! -- but as expected, the new beastie is essentially the same as the existing iPhone 4 mode...

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iPad plus free mobile hot spot at Best Buy

Best Buy is offering a sweet bundle on the WiFi-based iPad which includes your choice of a free companion AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint mobile hotspot. 9to5Mac reports that the available mobile hotspots include the WiMAX-enabled Sprint Overdrive, the Global-ready, 3G Verizon Wireless Fivespot and the...

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TUAW's Holiday Gift Guide: Choosing the right iPad for you

Welcome to the TUAW Holiday Gift Guide! We've sorted the treasure from the junk and are serving up suggestions to make your holiday gift-giving a little easier. Are you planning on purchasing an iPad for someone else (or for yourself) this Christmas? First, congratulations on your taste, discernmen...

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How the iPad is benefiting Sprint's mobile broadband sales

Sprint recently noticed an increase in sales of its Overdrive (3g/4g) MiFi wireless hotspot, and it seems the iPad is behind it all. In an interview with GigaOM, Sprint's chief executive officer, Dan Hesse, noted that most iPads sold are Wi-Fi only. Since their introduction, his company has seen an ...

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My3G bypasses 3G restrictions

This morning, I learned several things about using FaceTime in public. First, I realized that holding an iPhone a foot or two away from your face and talking tends to make you speak very loudly. This, in turns, tends to annoy other patrons in the restaurant. And this, in turn, tends to attract the...

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iPad hacked with Verizon MiFi innards

Here's a mod for everyone crying into their Rice Krispies because the iPad isn't on Verizon. Someone at the Dish Network Store has taken apart a Verizon MiFi and crammed its brain into a 3G iPad (after removing the AT&T parts, of course). The result is a Verizon-powered iPad that's also a mobile...

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Four reasons I'm not waiting for a 3G iPad

When I heard that a 3G iPad would be coming out, the first thought that came to my mind was "Why?" In my decidedly warped mind, I equate the use cases for an iPad more to my MacBook Air than I do to my iPhone. While I was on my recent vacation, I got into a discussion with a fellow cruiser who ...

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Road Tested: Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 from Sprint

Back in August of this year, my local TUAW blogging buddy Erica Sadun posted some information about the Verizon MiFi portable broadband router. The MiFi device, created by Novatel Wireless, is a tiny Wi-Fi router with a built-in EVDO 3G modem. Essentially, what this means is that anywhere you go wit...

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Road Tested: the Verizon MiFi portable broadband router

For the last couple of weeks, I've been testing the Verizon MiFi portable WiFi hotspot. After writing about the MiFi, a few months back, I was placed on a waiting list to receive a test unit. Could the MiFi enhance the iPod touch experience to bring it into the realm of the iPhone? A unit finally ca...

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