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iPhone 5 not yet announced, SIM adapters already available

The iPhone isn't expected to hit retail shelves until late this month (the announcement event will occur on September 12th) but its new nano-SIM cards may already be shipping, according to the International Business Times. TUAW wrote about similar shipments in a post earlier today. Nano-SIMs off...

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T-Mobile now home to 1 million iPhones

When talking to 9to5Mac, a T-Mobile spokesperson offered up a tidbit of information that suggests the #4 wireless carrier, which does not sell the popular Apple smartphone, is home to over a million iPhones. Most of the devices are older iPhone models, though a fair amount of customers have rep...

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A wiki for prepaid (iPhone compatible) SIM cards around the world

Here's a great resource for any iPhone user who frequently travels. The Pay As You Go SIM with Data Wiki provides an ever-growing list of disposable SIMs that will work with the iPhone all over the world. The project's goal is to collect a list of iPhone (and Android) compatible pay-as-you-go (PA...

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Cut a standard SIM down to iPhone 4/iPad size

I just got off the phone with Victor Agreda, a call I made on my iPhone 4 using a third-party rebranded AT&T SIM. As you can see from the screen shot above, I wasn't using a standard iPhone SIM. Instead, I placed my call via a $10 Best Buy SIM, which displays as O2 in the US. How did that ...

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MicroSIM adapter moves your service back to an earlier iPhone

Yesterday, I went to lunch with a dozen or so Apple enthusiasts, all of us with our new iPhone 4's. And, yes, the topic of conversation was (as you would expect) the awfulness of the signal issues. There were various bumpers and other cases at the table, along with empirical testing. It was ver...

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Making your iPad 3G work in Canada

If today's news about Rogers' rate plans for the iPhone left you feeling a bit cold about your 3G options for an iPad in Canada, perhaps this BoyGeniusReport story will warm you up. BGR walks you through the steps necessary to make your iPad work with various providers in Canada. As the old sayin...

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How to cook (and cut) with the iPad

Honestly, we kind of just wanted to post the video above (in which Jake Gyllenhaal uses Apple's magical and revolutionary device as a cooking board, and then decides to make it the main dish), but it turns out that you can use a kitchen utensil on the iPad to some success. Another British man got a...

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