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Steve Jobs portrait made out of Apple products mosaic

As reported by MacStories and created for Italian magazine Panorama by Tsevis Visual Design, this picture of Apple CEO Steve Jobs is entirely made up of Apple's white products laid out to create a visually arresting portrait. The creative director of the magazine asked Tsevis for the "white on whit...

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TapTapTap creates 10,000 iPhone apps mosaic

This is awesome. TapTapTap, in order to celebrate over 10,000 apps in the App Store, has created a mosaic of (what else?) an iPhone loaded up with apps -- out of the icons of App Store apps. It's crazy. You can see the entire thing full scale over on Flickr, and World of Apple is selling a poster ...

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MLB.TV Mosaic: baseball nirvana

Today is one of the best days of the year: the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, spring is in the air. It's Opening Day! Major League Baseball has really been on the forefront of delivering content on the web, and this year looks to be the best yet. MLB.TV started testing their stand-alone ...

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Iconic mosaic - literally - of Steve Jobs

Rising up the ranks of my "those with too much time" list, a creative Flickr user by the name of "tsevis" has created an iconic mosaic of Steve Jobs using all sorts of different icons, ranging from product boxes to your favorite pics from the IconFactory. He does a pretty good j...

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