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What a week with the Moto 360 taught me about the Apple Watch

I love Apple gadgets, but I also love pretty much any type of new technology regardless of the brand. That's why a package arrived at my door last Monday from Motorola with a shiny new Moto 360 inside. Yep, the same Moto 360 that I tore apart after reviews made it clear that the watch wasn't del...

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The smartwatch bar is embarrassingly low, and it's Apple's for the taking

Smartwatches suck. They're crap. Shite. Excrement. Doo-doo. Pretty much universally, the wrist-worn devices we've seen so far are too big, too clunky, and overall a massive disappointment. That could change on Tuesday, when Apple will have a captive audience for one of its most important events in...

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Lenovo acquires Motorola and some of its patents and other news from Jan. 29, 2013

The big news this evening comes not from the Apple world, but from rival Google as it sells off Motorola to Lenovo for US$2.91 billion. Lenovo will get the chance to gain a foothold in the US market, and Google will hold onto most of Motorola's patent portfolio. Still, a good 2,000 of those patents ...

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Looking for a data center tech job? Apple's hiring: News from Jan. 10, 2014

Good evening! Here's the Apple news for Jan. 10, 2014: Apple has posted additional positions for its Oregon-based data center, including data center maintenance techs and a chief engineer for the center. As MacRumors notes, Apple has been seeking that engineer since last year. The story also no...

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Motorola releases iOS-to-Google migration tool for Moto x

The worst part of getting a new phone is making sure all of your contacts and data come with you. But when you switch from an entirely different environment, say from iOS to Android, the process is even more obnoxious. Motorola is trying to ease that pain for users of its new Moto X phone with an ...

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In contrast to Android OEMs, Apple and Motorola don't fudge their benchmarking results

While reviewing Samsung's Galaxy Note 3, reviewers at Ars Technica discovered that the device is configured to artificially inflate benchmark results. We noticed an odd thing while testing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3: it scores really, really well in benchmark tests -- puzzlingly well, in fact. A qu...

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Court lifts injunction barring iCloud mail push notifications in Germany

Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents is reporting that a German court this week lifted an injunction which precluded iOS users in Germany from receiving iCloud mail push notifications. The injunction had been in place for about 18 months before being suspended this week. Recall that the patent underlyin...

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EU finds that Google's Motorola abused its patent power in seeking an injunction against Apple

The New York Times reports that the European Commission issued a preliminary finding which holds that Motorola abused its patent power in seeking an injunction against Apple in Germany for alleged patent infringement. The EU investigation was precipitated by complaints from Microsoft and Apple wh...

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ITC invalidates Motorola proximity sensor patent in suit against Apple

With all of the Samsung vs. Apple conflict in the courts, one could be forgiven for losing track of the fact that Apple has a lingering patent dispute with Google's Motorola Mobility subsidiary as well. Bloomberg is reporting that the US International Trade Commission (ITC) recently upheld a pr...

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Google will license 'essential' Motorola patents, ending FTC probe

Google has reached a deal with the Federal Trade Commission to bring the body's 19-month antitrust investigation into the search giant to a close, according to Apple Insider. Part of the settlement hinged on Google's agreement to license certain standard-essential patents (SEPs) it acquired dur...

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FTC calls Motorola's bid for Apple product injunction 'inappropriate'

On December 5, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stated in a filed brief that it felt a previous district court decision to deny Motorola's bid for an injunction of several Apple products was correct. Motorola had claimed that Apple's iPhone and iPad allegedly infringed on wireless patents, ...

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ComScore: Apple ousts LG as second most popular mobile phone maker

According to research firm ComScore's latest report, Apple has reached the #2 spot on the list of most popular mobile phone makers, taking the slot previously held by LG. iPhone users now account for 17.8% of the U.S. mobile market, while LG tags close behind at 17.6%. Samsung still leads all othe...

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Next Apple vs. Motorola court battle scheduled for October 2013

According to a report in FOSS Patents, Apple and Motorola are scheduled to meet again in a Southern California court in late 2013. The court released a timeline that includes a May 21, 2013 discovery deadline and a pretrial motion deadline of June 28, 2013. Moderated settlement talks are slated...

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Apple makes Motorola $1 per iPhone offer to settle wireless patent case

In a move meant to avert a potentially costly trial, Apple has offered to pay Motorola up to $1 per iPhone to license the latter's "standard-essential wireless" patents pertaining to basic cellular and WiFi technology used in the devices. According to FOSS Patents, Apple attorneys said that the...

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German court: Motorola, Samsung don't violate Apple touch event patent

Motorola and Samsung won a small victory in Mannheim Regional Court this week when a panel ruled that the two companies do not infringe on Apple's "touch event model patent," says Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents. Judge Andreas Voss oversaw the two separate lawsuits that happened to make their w...

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