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Razer's Taipan might be your ideal Mac gaming mouse

When it comes to gaming mice, it's not entirely surprising that it's close to impossible to find a mouse that even remotely fits the aesthetic of Apple. The Razer Taipan is one of the rare gaming mice that is offered in such a shade, and if I'm being completely honest, its creamy white paintjob is...

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Grab your caxirola and celebrate the FIFA World Cup with Logitech's Global Fan Collection

There's only about a month to go until the start of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, and Logitech is getting fans all over the globe ready by creating a new series of wireless mice called the Logitech Global Fan Collection. The mouse is the Wireless Mouse M317 (US$29.99), which uses Logitech's propr...

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Steve Jobs on mouse design and how the Apple Pro Mouse was conceived by happenstance

Though Apple popularized the mouse when it introduced the Mac in 1984, the company hasn't always been a bastion of popular, or even elegant, mouse design. For instance, Apple's hockey puck mouse, originally introduced with the Bondi Blue iMac, is a perfect example of utilitarian design gone astray. ...

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Rapoo T120P Wireless Touch Mouse: Colorful, compact

There's rarely news in the world of Mac pointing devices, primarily because the computers all come with either Apple's Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, or a built-in trackpad of some type. That's why I found it interesting when I was pitched the Rapoo T120P Wireless Touch Mouse, a compact mouse that h...

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Well, that's one way to recycle a mouse

I'm not sure you could pull this off at a Manhattan party, but if I saw this dude walking along the street I'd definitely give him a high five. [Photo credit: Photo Giddy]...

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Never-before-seen video of Steve Jobs and the original Mac team demoing the Mac in public for the first time

Thirty years ago last Friday, Steve Jobs unveiled the Mac at Apple's annual shareholders meeting. In light of this momentous anniversary, a never-before-seen video has emerged showcasing Jobs, just a few days later, demoing the Mac to a public audience for the first time. Harry McCracken of Time ...

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The SteelSeries Rival is a serious gaming mouse without a serious rival

Gaming mice typically fall into one of two categories: Overly intricate, button-covered monstrosities designed for MMO players that need as many input options as physically possible, and more modest designs that cater to gamers who want comfort, ergonomics, and hopefully a headache-free experience...

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45 years ago today, the computer mouse was unveiled to the world

45 years ago today, an engineer named Douglas Engelbart unveiled to the world, for the first time, the very first computer mouse. The unveiling came in the form of a 90 minute demo at the Fall Joint Computer Conference. Engelbart's presentation is regarded as being so epic and influential that it...

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Take a trip down memory lane with a history of iconic Apple mice

There may be no singular computer accessory that better symbolizes each era of Apple computing than the mouse. From the Lisa to the Magic, each Apple mouse can bring back the feel of each generation, and a delightful website from designer Josh Bader is a lovely way to enjoy a jolt of that nostalgi...

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Hands-on with the Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631

There are some people who just won't use a trackpad, even when the pad is built into a laptop like your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. For those folks, there are a lot of cheap USB and Bluetooth mice, but many of them are either designed primarily for use with Windows machines or -- in the case of Ap...

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Caturday: Gorky catches a mouse

Yeahhhh, it's a good thing that those USB mice operate at a low voltage and current, since Gorky the cat has apparently decided that the "tail" of this mouse was good enough to eat. Gorky's human Jeffrey H. let us know that this was the first time that he had caught a mouse... We'd love to see ph...

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Logitech intros Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631 for Mac

Some people just cannot stand trackpads. My wife is one of those people, and every time I sit down at her iMac I just roll my eyes in disgust. She's using a 6-year-old wireless mouse (Logitech, no less) that is ergonomic and all that, but it doesn't even have a touch surface on it like Apple's Mag...

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Douglas Engelbart, thank you for your great mind

Douglas Engelbart died on July 2 at age 88. If that name doesn't ring a bell, then look at your computer mouse and give thanks to this World War II radar technician who came up with the idea in the 1960s. Engelbart also influenced computer use in other ways, such as working on the use of multiple wi...

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Jack Lumber now available on Steam

Jack Lumber is an excellent game that arrived on iOS last year. It's reminiscient of Fruit Ninja, in that you drag your finger around the screen to chop through wood, though I think it's an improvement on Halfbrick's formula -- it's got a more complex meta game, and the mechanic is a little deep...

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Spicebox's Mauz aims to make your iPhone an all-in-one controller

One of the weirdest devices I've seen so far here at Macworld is Spicebox's Mauz controller. The company recently started a Kickstarter for the project (their second, after a case that tracks your opening of multiple beers called the Intoxicase), but even though that campaign hasn't yet come an...

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