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Tag: Moves

Moves is taking M7 motion data to the next level with latest update

Perhaps the best thing about the iPhone 5s is its M7 motion coprocessor. It's the little chip that lives inside the 5s that constantly tracks all your motion data, whether you are walking, running or on some kind of mechanical transport (like a car or a train). While the M7 does its job, users...

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Here's what the iPhone reveals about suburbanites vs. city dwellers

I grew up in the suburbs. The first 20 years of my life, I was stuck, dumb and happy, in the Midwestern suburbs. I thought the 'burbs had everything I needed: Targets, Applebee's, corporate chain restaurants and car dealership after car dealership. When I moved to Chicago for my junior year of...

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Daily iPhone App: Moves is the fitness app of the future

I've long said that the best feature of the iPhone 5s is the M7 motion coprocessor. It's this small processor that records and stores all your motion data -- and can even determine if you are walking, running or on moving transport (like in a car or on a train). However, by default, while the M7 is...

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Knights of Pen and Paper now updated to +1 edition

The excellent iOS RPG Knights of Pen and Paper has been updated to the +1 Edition (as we heard it would be back at GDC) and is now available as a free update on the App Store. This new version, which is technically 2.02, brings lots of new content, game updates, new dungeons to explore and many...

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Moves: fitness tracking without a pedometer in your pocket

Since blogging is a rather sedentary profession, many of us at TUAW try to find another way to stay in shape. Walking and running provide a good aerobic workout, so a lot of us have picked up one of the popular fitness metrics devices to help track our daily mileage. Whether that device is a...

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