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MySpace keeps Apple from Music app icon trademark

Apple's trying to file paperwork to nail down a trademark on its Music app icon, but the trademark is being blocked by a pretty unlikely source: MySpace. And it's not even related to the recent reinvention of the second-place social network, either. Back in 2008, a music service called iLike ...

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iOS 5 contacts app has fields for Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and Myspace info

One of the more interesting iOS 5 features revealed this week during the Monday keynote was seamless integration with Twitter. Now a report published by All Things D shows that fields for other social networking sites also appear in the iOS 5 contacts app, including Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, an...

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Mafia Wars out now on the iPhone

Unfortunately, the classic mobile game of Dope Wars (I played hours of it on my old TI-80) still hasn't been allowed on the App Store -- Apple reportedly wasn't happy with the drug-themed gameplay, and so there are only "sugarcoated" versions there now (including one that is literally about sugar, ...

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Social networking getting bigger on mobile phones

This is a big duh to anyone (like me) who's switched to a smartphone within the last year or so, but according to "new research" (I've never heard of them either), social networking applications and websites are blowing up on mobile phones, including none other than the iPhone. Things are going b...

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MySpace web app on the iPhone

Jake Marsh sent along this neat screencast of an iPhone web app for MySpace that he's working on. Facebook basically seems to be the gold standard of social networking web apps these days, and this looks basically just like that one. It is cool that you can look up people right away, but the real i...

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ZOMG MySpace vs iTunes

Ohai ZOMG. Realz! MySpace can has fab nu Music cheezburger. Wurks with iPod, all 4 awzom Muzik labels! Dayz wil haz MP3 for $$. "MySpaceMusic" so kyoot! Universal Music/MySpace fwends -- bai bai "copyright-infringement lawsuit" for realz. iTunes ftl. MySpace ftw. kthxbai....

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Found Footage: iPhone costumes

These guys didn't actually send these costumes in for our Halloween costume gallery, but if they had, we would definitely have put them in it. They actually have LCD TVs strapped to them (using PVC pipe and ratchet straps), and apparently those TVs are hooked up to real video iPods-- they edited th...

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TUAW Tip: Myspace Music on the iPhone

Think getting music from the WiFi store on your iPhone would be cool, but frustrated that they haven't implemented it yet? Justin sent along a simple little tip that makes it easy to grab all the music you want off of Myspace band pages, even without Jobs' Starbucks integration. Lots of Myspace ba...

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Apple blocking MySpace from store machines

Late last week it was reported that Apple is now blocking access to MySpace pages from computers in the Apple Store as a means of preventing cyber-loitering. Apparently some 'customers' have been hogging both the iSights and the bandwidth the stores provide and impeding the free flow of shiny, gloss...

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CamelBones: Now on MySpace

All the people hanging out on MySpace looking for friends make me sad. A great programmer turning to MySpace looking for love for his project makes me sadder, especially when the project in question is arguably one of the most useful OpenSource projects out there for OS X. Nevertheless, Sherm Pendle...

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MySpace blames Apple and QuickTime for hacked accounts

A malicious QuickTime movie made the rounds across MySpace profiles last weekend, altering user profiles and changing links on their pages to redirect to phishing websites crafted to look like MySpace logins. The movie, CNET reports, actually capitalized on a MySpace flaw and QuickTime's legitimate ...

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iPod nano wants to be your friend

I'd heard that MySpace was the place to see and be seen for hipsters of all ages, but isn't the iPod nano a bit young to be on MySpace? Apparently not. Tyler tipped us off that while he was innocently trawling MySpace last night he noticed that iPod Green Nano was the featured profile. Didn't take ...

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Get your social network on with Spyder

Spyder is an interesting concept: an app that leverages the APIs of allows you interact with and manage social networks from within the power of the Mac OS X environment. If you're a chronic social networker, Spyder might (eventually) allow you to speed up your obsessive profile checks so you have ...

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MySpace challenges (?) iTunes with indie music store

MySpace has joined the recent crowd of iTunes wanna-be's. MySpace announced Friday that before the end of 2006 it will give unsigned, independent bands a place to sell their music. Musicians will be able to sell tunes on their own MySpace pages and on fan pages. And here's the best news--the MP3's s...

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Adium's icon designer on its past, present and future

You might not know who Adam Betts is, but you've probably seen, or at least heard of, some of his work which includes the icon of a pretty famous Mac OS X chat client: Adium. The animated, quacking duck icon has made a bit of a name for itself, and Phill Ryu (of MacThemes and Widget Machine fame) de...

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