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Gameloft launches N.O.V.A. Elite on Facebook, demonstrates the ubiquity of Unity

It turns out N.O.V.A. Elite isn't one of the three new iOS games that Gameloft has licensed the Unreal Engine for. In fact, it's not an iOS game at all. Instead, Gameloft has decided to bring its popular science-fiction shooter franchise to Facebook as a competitive multiplayer 3D shooter tied to...

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Gameloft's NOVA 3 rumored to be built on Unreal Engine

Gameloft has announced that it has licensed the Unreal Engine for four upcoming games set to be released in 2011 and 2012. Gameloft hasn't announced which games will be running on the Unreal Engine, but Pocket Gamer seems to believe that one of the titles slated to be released this year is the ...

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