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Enthusiasts take control of abandoned NASA satellite using MacBook, McDonald's and spare radio parts

A crew of space enthusiasts, including a former NASA employee, used their knowledge of satellite technology along with some spare parts to control an abandoned NASA satellite, reports Betabeat. It's the perfect maker project with Kickstarter money providing the funding, eBay as the source of parts...

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As the Cassini Spacecraft takes a faraway Earth picture, you can follow along

Earth will get a very not-too-close closeup today from NASA's Cassini spacecraft, now on the far side of the planet Saturn. The photo session will take place between 2:27 PM and 2:42 PM PDT. The Earth will be seen from 900 million miles away. It won't be a detailed image, but it is the longest-ran...

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Daily iPhone App: Keep your eyes on the sky with CloudSpotter

Do you ever find yourself under a shady tree gazing up at the sky and looking at the clouds as they float by? I'm sure you can pick out familiar shapes like a dog or a cat, but can you recall the scientific names that describe these beautiful cloud formations? If not, you should check out CloudSpo...

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Daily iPad App: NASA's Earth As Art shows us our beautiful planet

NASA has a series of excellent educational iOS apps that appeal to adults and kids alike. Most have a strong scientific bent, but if you lean more towards art than science, NASA has an iPad app for you, too. Mixing a little bit of earth and planetary science with a keen eye for art, NASA has creat...

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NASA and TopCoder want you to create an iPad app for the International Space Station

NASA and TopCoder, a company that hosts programming competitions, is teaming up on a series of contests that'll develop apps for astronauts. One app challenge targets the iPad and will help astronauts keep track of the food they eat while they are working in space. The FIT (Food Intake Tracke...

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Cassini HD for the iPad lets you take a free trip to Saturn today

I continue to praise the variety of Astronomy apps that are available for iOS. Today, I call your attention to Cassini HD for the iPad, which is usually US $1.99, but is free today only. The app collects more than 800 striking images from the NASA Cassini Mission that did a close flyby of Saturn ...

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"Explore" Mars with your iPhone

"This is why you're learning math." Robinson Meyer of The Atlantic points out this immersive, 360º panorama of the martian surface as recorded the by the Curiosity rover. It takes advantage of the iPhone's gyroscope and responds to your movements. Once the page is loaded, hold the iPhone ...

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The role of the Mac at NASA and JPL is shown off by Mars Curiosity mission

My colleague Steve Sande touched on this subject of all the Macs at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in an earlier post, and I've been doing some digging to find out more about all the Mac love at our space agency and its field centers. JPL is managed by Caltech, but it falls under NASA's administr...

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Macs abound at NASA/JPL Mars Curiosity mission control

For those of us who stayed up late last night to watch the streaming coverage of the Curiosity rover's landing on Mars, it was a treat to see the huge numbers of MacBooks, iPads, and even iPhones that were in the control room at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. The im...

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New NASA app brings spacecraft to life in 3D

NASA is no stranger to 3D. It has done some impressive CGI trips into galaxies and nebulae, and of course it has offered some stunning 3D images from the Mars spacecraft. NASA has just released a free iPad and iPhone app called Spacecraft 3D. Here's how it works. You launch the app and then pri...

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iPads, Angry Birds to travel to International Space Station

iPods and iPhones (in Airplane Mode? Spaceship mode?) have traveled to the International Space Station (ISS) via American and Russian launch vehicles. Now you can add the iPad to the list of iDevices that have left the planet. That's the word from Collect Space, which reports that 2 iPads will ...

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Daily iPad App: NASA Visualization Explorer

The NASA Visualization app is your window into the world of NASA research. The app presents the latest NASA research news in an easy-to-digest format. Each article is written for the lay person and amateur scientist with images and video to complement the writing. Topics range from space-based ...

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5 apps for the armchair astronaut & the final Space Shuttle launch

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you know that today's launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis, mission STS-135, signals the end of the shuttle program as we know it and the closing of a chapter in American human spaceflight. Weather and ten trillion other mechanical considerations permit...

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Two iPhones to fly into space on last shuttle mission

The space shuttle Atlantis' final mission into space on July 8, 2011 will also mark a first. Specifically, the first time an iPhone has entered outer space. Two in fact, meant to carry out specially-designed experiments. The iPhone 4s will be running an app called SpaceLab for iOS, designed by O...

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SPB TV brings streaming TV to the iPhone and iPad, if you aren't too picky

SPB TV Free is a little app that gives you more than 100 free TV channels for your iOS device. You get channels from 17 countries, including a few in the US. The only problem? You may not be interested in the television shows the app makes available. There are English language broadcasts from NHK in...

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