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With one day to go, the official NBC Olympics app is a bit of a mess

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics begin tomorrow, and if you haven't already seen the coverage from journalists who have arrived in Russia for the festivities, well, let's say there's a lot of work that clearly won't be done in time for tomorrow's opening ceremony. And it seems that same "unfinished"...

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Comcast and Twitter team up to offer streaming TV via new 'See It' feature

Comcast has cozied up to Twitter and the result is a new streaming-video feature called "See It," which will be embedded in select tweets. Comcast customers using the Xfinity service will be able to access streaming TV content straight from the social network, starting first with NBC content and p...

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NBC streaming English Premier League football games via NBC Sports Live Extra app

NBC has announced that it will allow American viewers to watch English Premier League football (soccer) via its iOS app NBC Sports Live Extra, as noted by 148apps. English Premier League matches begin this weekend and making them available to stream via its iOS app only makes sense for NBC, which ...

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Tim Cook announces plans to manufacture Mac computers in USA

Tim Cook has told NBC News that Apple intends to manufacture Mac computers in the USA. In an exclusive interview that will air on the network's "Rock Center" with Brian Williams, Cook stated that one of the existing Mac lines will be manufactured in the States exclusively, starting next year. ...

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Tim Cook to give first TV interview on Rock Center Dec. 6

NBC will air the first televised interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook next week on Rock Center with Brian Williams. The interview was filmed today at the Grand Central Apple Store in New York City. The network hasn't divulged the focus of the discussion, but it will be just one of three segments...

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iPhone apps to help you follow the Olympics

The Games of the XXX Olympiad started on Friday with grandiose opening ceremonies in London, England that included a long list of notable English figures like the Queen of England, Mr. Bean and Paul McCartney. Now that the big kickoff celebration is over, it's time to start the competition -- a...

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NBC's live streaming Olympics app for iPad now available

NBC is streaming its coverage of the Olympics later this summer and iOS owners with a cable subscription may be able to watch the live coverage on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. NBC's Olympics website has all the details on its streaming coverage, which is also available via a Flash-enabled ...

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Apple may be putting in a bid to buy Hulu

According to Bloomberg, the online video service Hulu is up for sale, and Apple is reportedly considering bidding on it. Apple certainly has enough cash on hand to buy Hulu (about 35 times over), and if successful in its bid Apple would gain a huge foothold in video media services. Put together ...

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NBC's iPad app doesn't support full episodes

Well, this is baffling. NBC released a free iPad app today that features clips of popular shows, photo galleries, games, trivia and schedules. Users can create a custom "my feeds" dashboard for keeping track of their favorite NBC programming. What users can't do is watch full episodes of NBC sho...

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NBC's The Voice will use iTunes purchases as votes

The Voice is an NBC reality talent show that lets singers compete for US$100,000 and a recording deal with Universal Republic Records. Like other reality shows, The Voice lets viewers vote for their favorite contestants by phone, through the NBC Live app, and online at A new twist in t...

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Federal rules could prompt NBC TV rentals in iTunes

Last year, things looked bleak for Apple TV users who wanted inexpensive rental access to NBC's content. Former NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker made the now-famous comments that "99 cents is not the price point for our content," and that "it would devalue our content." Now that the network and cab...

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View NBC's The Cape premiere via iPad app (or not)

NBC's new superhero-themed show The Cape officially debuts its two-hour premiere on TV this coming Sunday night (9 PM EST), but there's at least one way you can get a look at its first hour, legally. The free DC Comics app on iPad now has a link that allows users to view the first hour of The Ca...

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NBC says no to iTunes rentals at 99 cents

With reports of credit cards being charged for Apple TV pre-orders, it's only a short time before Apple's hobby takes a rather serious step forward. But with only ABC and Fox having signed up to Apple's new $0.99 price point to rent television shows, it seems there's a lot hanging in the balance. Mo...

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News Corp reportedly holding back iTunes rentals

With all of the speculation flying around about tomorrow, a few people are poopooing any idea that Apple will mention the iTV at all. The invitation doesn't say anything about it being "show time." Images like the guitar are usually reserved for iLife and the iPod, and it's unlikely that Apple will ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Pilgrim's Punch Out

Comic-Con starts in San Diego today, and I'm down here wandering the aisles, looking for geeky gear and cool games. Scott Pilgrim is already one of the stars of the show, with the excellent comic series having finished up, a new console game coming out soon, and of course the Michael Cera-enhanced ...

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