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NYT wins Pulitzer for Apple 'iEconomy' investigations

The winners of the 2013 Pulitzer Prizes were announced Monday, with the New York Times winning this year's prize for explanatory reporting. The award was for the paper's "iEconomy" series investigating the way business has adapted to the changing global economy, largely focusing on Apple. The...

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iPad "mini" drumbeat continues as NYT supports rumor of smaller tablet

You can't swing a Mighty Mouse nowadays without smacking into a major media story on the inevitable, hypothetical and incredible shrunken-form-factor iPad. Our Monday morning Rumor Roundup series has linked the WSJ and Bloomberg coverage, pointing towards a late Q3-early Q4 launch for a 7.85" (...

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Facebook to launch "faster" iPhone app in July

Let's face facts here: Facebook's iOS app is terrible. Seriously -- it's slow, the navigation is practically nonsensical, and I've even left messages and "likes" on the app that have never showed up on the big blue social network itself. It's probably the worst app I regularly use on my iPhone....

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Flipboard enters content deal with the New York TImes

The New York Times announced today that it is bringing its subscription content to the popular social reader app Flipboard. Starting Thursday, June 28, subscribers to The New York Times will be able to read full articles, browse image galleries and watch videos using the Flipboard app. This is th...

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Apple defends its tax practices in the New York Times

A recent New York Times article slams Apple for avoiding billions in state and federal taxes using common corporate loopholes. Apple didn't take kindly to this report and has issued a four-paragraph response defending its practices. The Cupertino company says it pays "an enormous amount of ta...

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Talkcast tonight: Profits, taxes and WWDC at 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT

Another quarter, another blowout. While analysts and pundits imagined that domestic iPhone sales would signal an end to the gravy train, international demand pushed the handset past the 35 million mark and shot AAPL back above the $600 line. Even with the iPad refresh hitting at the end of the qu...

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NYT: New iPad screen could be too good for the web

The New York Times points out what we (and Gruber) first saw when we fired up our new iPad -- most web images look terrible its Retina display. Companies that do business on the web now have a difficult decision to make about their graphics. Do they spend the extra cost to create, store and ser...

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'Bring your own device' programs give Apple a boost in the enterprise

Programs that offer corporate some latitude and personal discretion in their technology choices are growing, said the NYT on Friday, and while the relaxing of IT standards mandates means there are plenty of market losers (HP, Dell, Lenovo, RIM and other enterprise-centric vendors), there's one big...

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NYT: iPhone 5 announcement 'just weeks away'

According to Nick Bilton at the New York Times, an unnamed Apple employee has confirmed to him that the next-gen iPhone announcement is "just weeks away." The next-gen phone will be "fairly different from the iPhone 4." Bilton's source seems to confirm multiple rumors claiming the iPhone 5 will...

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The New York Times to provide reporters with the iPhone 4

The New York Times is giving their mobile reporters iPhone 4s to shoot video out in the field along with the ability to upload them to NYT servers using Aspera's high-speed file transfer software. Brought to our attention by MacStories, The New York Times' Editorial Director for Video and Television...

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New York Times updates iPad app to stop constant crashing

It's about time. Ever since the NYTimes for iPad app replaced the lame Editors' Choice app, it has been tough sledding trying to read the news. It often took a long time to load, and then before displaying a single story, it crashed. I reinstalled the app, and that made things better for a while unt...

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In Brief: Jobs' journey through the wilderness made Apple Inc. possible

There's an interesting Randall Stross piece in Saturday's New York Times about the alternative timeline where Steve Jobs never resigned from Apple. Given his legendary fussiness over every detail and his frustrating inability to get the NeXT hardware platform past the "expensive curiosity" stage, St...

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EpicWin aims to turn your real-life tasks into a social game

Given the amount of iPhone and iPad apps coming out these days, I'm not all that interested in getting excited about an app before it comes out. There's already plenty of games and apps available now, so worrying about not-yet-released apps isn't all that important. That said, this app called Epi...

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The iPhone 4 and the growing art of self-photography

This little piece over on the New York Times Fashion and Style page is only tangentially related to our subject at hand, which is that the onset of the iPhone 4 and its front-facing camera has put a spotlight on the growing art of self-photography and the casually narcissistic tendencies that drive ...

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New York Times for iPad update adds content

The iPad app that Steve Jobs supposedly dislikes, New York Times Editor's Choice, was updated today. The update partially addresses Steve's primary concern: the app omits a lot of the paper's daily content. Specifically, the new build adds an Arts section and some videos. The Arts section has two...

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