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How Apple's mobile devices are re-defining medicine

The New York Times examines how Apple's iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are changing the way the health industry works. Of course, a light, powerful, and simple touchscreen computer can be handy almost anywhere, but that's especially true in the field of medicine. Much of the work involves referen...

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Flipboard enters content deal with the New York TImes

The New York Times announced today that it is bringing its subscription content to the popular social reader app Flipboard. Starting Thursday, June 28, subscribers to The New York Times will be able to read full articles, browse image galleries and watch videos using the Flipboard app. This is th...

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NY Times Business section features the App Store

It's always an interesting Sunday when the front page of the New York Times business section features a mostly-glowing piece on the dynamics of the App Store, leading off with some facts and figures from Freeverse's Ian Lynch Smith (who also appeared in our own video visit to Freeverse last month). ...

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NYT: Music execs operate 'in fear of Apple'

In today's New York Times, Tim Arango tells a story of a heated conversation between Sony Music's Rolf Schmidt-Holtz and Steve Jobs on Christmas Eve -- one that "ricocheted around the music industry." Apparently, before the announcement at Macworld, all the labels except Sony had agreed to a new pri...

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First Look: NYTimes

If there was one application on the App Store that I wanted to love it was the NYTimes app (iTunes link). I've mentioned before that I'm a big fan of the New York Times and that's why it is so disappointing to me that I can't recommend this app. The New York Times mobile site is great on the iPhone,...

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Times Reader Beta now available

A few days ago I mentioned that the Time Reader Beta would soon be open for Mac users, but I had no idea how soon it would actually appear. Today the New York Times has released the Mac beta of their Times Reader. For those that don't know, the Times Reader is a stand alone app that tries to marry...

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Jobs on DVR in the Apple TV, the MacBook Air, and the Kindle

TUAW didn't get a chance to sit down with Steve Jobs after yesterday's keynote for some reason, but Mr. Jobs did find time to chat with the New York Times (it is a small paper out of Manhattan) where he talked about what Apple introduced, and gave his thoughts on some other happenings in the tech sp...

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NY Times profiles Apple stores

From BusinessWeek predicting they wouldn't work to the New York Times writing a piece lauding Apple Stores as 'community centers' for the neighborhoods in which they are situated. The article points out that Apple now makes 20% of its total revenue from Apple Stores (not too shabby), and highlights ...

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Hollywood eyes the iPhone

iPhone fever, have you caught it yet? It would seem that Hollywood has. The iPhone has set the cellphone market on fire (even though almost no one has used it yet) and Hollywood has taken notice. They are now scrambling to work out deals with a variety of companies to serve content to the iPhone (an...

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NY Times compares Apple and Sony retail experiences

Remember when Apple's "retail experiment" was viewed as a risky, borderline-nutty strategy? Recall how Gateway and other technology companies were running away from their mall outposts while Apple was rolling out its first stores back in 2001? Randall Stross at the New York Times remembers [registra...

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Ry Cooder uses iTunes to master his album

Ry Cooder, an accomplished guitarist, was having trouble with his latest solo effort 'My Name is Buddy.' Try as he might he just didn't like the way that the tracks (that's songs in musician speak) sounded. They were a bit over processed to his ears, however, when Ry burned a CD of his album from iT...

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iPod Accessories a One Billion Dollar Business

If you ever wonder why TUAW seems to be an iPod accessories blog some days, you may stop to reflect on this fact: the iPod accessories market accounted for 1 billion dollars last year and is still in an upswing. A New York Times article released today [warning registration required] enumerates the g...

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iPod with video delights and isolates

David Carr was skeptical of the viewing experience offered by the new iPod with video. He didn't think that he would enjoy watching anything on such a small screen, let alone a TV show. His 45 minute commute, however, has shown him the error of his ways. Each Lost episode takes up about 44 minutes o...

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