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Tag: NationalGeographic

National Geographic photographer praises the iPhone 5s' camera

National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson has praised the new camera in the iPhone 5s after using it to shoot more than 4,000 photos on his recent trip to the Scottish highlands. In a blog post on Richardson writes: With intense use (I've made about 4,000 pictures in...

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Daily iPhone App: National Geographic Birds: Field Guide to North America

National Geographic has just launched at new version of its Field Guide to Birds of North America which in printed form is one of THE references for dedicated birders. The app lets you carry around a tremendous amount of information in your pocket about the habits of birds, maps to their habitats...

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Daily iPad App: National Geographic Today

National Geographic is known for its stunning photography and outstanding videos. Now you can get a portion of both each day with the National Geographic Today App. Released last week, the iPad app includes news, videos, quizzes, articles, and jaw-dropping photography. The National Geographic...

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Ultimate Dinopedia brings dinosaurs to life on your iPad

The Ultimate Dinopedia (US$5.99) from National Geographic is a wonderful reference app that will quickly become the go-to source for kids who want to find out everything about dinosaurs. There are other dinosaur apps in the store, but this is by far the most complete and expansive. It started as a...

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Where's the iMag store?

You know, at first I wasn't so impressed with the iPad, but the more I thought about the ways in which you can use it, the more excited I got. As a piece of leisure technology - something you just have laying around your living room like a newspaper - it's a lot more user friendly than a laptop o...

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National Geographic Adventure's Top 20 iPhone Travel Apps

When it comes to adventure and travel, who could possibly know more than National Geographic Adventure magazine? The magazine's website has regular features about techie toys and tools, so it was no surprise that blogger Steve Casimiro would write a post featuring his choices for the top twenty tra...

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National Geographic: Tips for iPod-toting travelers

The National Geographic website has posted nine great tips for travelers with iPods. Some of their tips are pretty obvious, like creating playlists and purchasing audio books that reflect your destination. Others are more clever, like downloading audio travel guides from the likes of, ...

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