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Need for Speed's Autolog app available now

EA and Activision both have been making a push lately for add-on iOS apps for their biggest console properties: Activision's been pushing a Call of Duty Elite app, and EA's got one related to Medal of Honor Warfare as well. And here comes EA again with another app dedicated to a big console fra...

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EA officially backs off of Mac releases

Shame on you, EA! Shame! Back at WWDC, you promised to release four of your franchise games simultaneously on PC and Mac in July. But July came and went, and we saw (and played) nothing. And now EA has told Apple Insider that Mac faithful shouldn't have held their breath on those promises-- Madden 0...

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EA, id back gaming on the Mac

Well how about that. Not a few days after I announce that I'm going to be posting news about gaming on the Mac, we get the biggest announcement about exactly that since Bungie released Marathon: EA and id both showed up at the WWDC Keynote yesterday to promote 3D gaming on Apple's computers. id went...

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