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Newsweek goes all-digital, will cease print publishing at end of 2012

Newsweek Magazine is almost 80 years old, but the print edition isn't going to get much older. The magazine's December 31 issue will be the final one in paper-and-ink format. After that, Newsweek will be all-digital and change its name to Newsweek Global. Newsweek Global will be available for r...

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Apple number 65 on Newsweek's list of green companies

Newsweek has published their list of the most environmentally-friendly companies, and Apple is ranked number 65 out of 500. While it didn't make the top 10 (Dell is number one), Apple improved significantly from last year when it placed 133rd. The rankings considered a number of scores, including gr...

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Why the App Store is working just right

Edible Apple has an interesting analysis up about this Newsweek article claiming that App Store developers aren't getting rich. Newsweek basically claims that all those success stories we've heard about App Store developers have a darker side: if they aren't already buried in costs from developing t...

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Fake Steve leaving Forbes for Newsweek

Dan Lyons, the real Fake Steve Jobs, is leaving his editor's job at Forbes to join the staff of Newsweek, where he'll take over for outgoing columnist Steven Levy. (Levy left Newsweek for Wired in April.) Lyons is leaving Forbes on good terms, with associate managing editor Bruce Upbin writing, "Sa...

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More iPhone reviews coming in -- Newsweek & USA TODAY

Two more reviews of that loveable scamp of a cellphone are out on the Interwebs, and it's more more more of the same: Steven Levy of Newsweek and Ed Baig of USA TODAY are saying it's time to start believing the hype. Both writers, like Pogue and Mossberg, point out the iPhone's weak spots (EDGE, no ...

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Bill Gates: "security guys break the Mac every single day"

I'm all for competition in the marketplace. I'm even for friendly puns between rival competitors and the camps that follow them, especially since you have to have a sense of humor about them in the first place. But don't we also need a sense of reality? In a Vista-pimping interview with Newsweek yes...

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Jobs Confirms iPhone is a Closed Platform

Officially confirming what Dan reported earlier, Jobs told Newsweek (at the bottom) that the iPhone will indeed be a closed platform. He is quoted as saying: "You don't want your phone to be an open platform.... You need it to work when you need it to work. Cingular doesn't want to see their West Co...

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