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No Comment: Samsung London store signage thinks different

Fair cop: Windows-based signage and displays can sometimes go a little bit sideways, to hilarious effect. This snapshot of Samsung's East London storefront, featuring a delightfully stark "Ctrl+Alt+Del" reminder, is a lovely example of the genre -- and it rates our weekend No Comment badge. Thank...

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No Comment: Cool iPhone dominoes animation

We don't care that the falling phones are CG animated; we don't even care that they have a hypothetical NFC patch on the back. This is a great video that put a smile on our faces. We offer it to you as today's No Comment. It's done by the same studio that inadvertently fooled an NYC TV statio...

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Daily Deals for December 20, 2012

It's time to save some of that hard-earned cash with our Daily Deals, featuring a handy list from Dealnews and our own hand-picked selections that include some sweet deals on iOS and OS X software (all prices are USD). Deals from Dealnews [iPad] Kensington: 50% off sitewide,...

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No Comment: Elements restaurant installs iPads for customers to play with during meals

I'm guessing most folks my age or older grew up in a house with a "no toys at the table policy"... And I'll just leave it at that. Our own Michael Grothaus snapped this pic at Elements in London. Feel free to leave your own thoughts on whether or not this is a good idea. Think back to the l...

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No Comment: Android tablet not actually endorsed by Steve Jobs

Amidst the legal and marketplace challenges to Android tablets, there are certainly a few bright spots: a British court ruled that Galaxy tablets aren't likely to be confused for Apple's iPad because the Samsung competitive devices "are not as cool." Yes, the judge really said that. But at leas...

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No Comment: iOS 6 Maps icon not to be taken as literal routing advice

Maybe someone in Apple's new mapping department is a fan of the automotive antics featured on The Dukes of Hazzard. As tweeted this weekend by James Mountain and featured on the financial site Minyanville, the new icon for the Maps app in iOS 6 features a slight change to emphasize the turn-by-...

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No Comment: Senator Grassley, your office is calling

The US Senate: home of democracy, bastion of civility, redoubt of Brylcreem, sciatica and combovers. If you were trying to recruit a less tech-savvy group of Americans, it would be pretty challenging. The late Alaska senator Ted Stevens set the bar with his legendary reference to the Internet...

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No Comment: Paper Passion perfume for e-booklovers

Ah, the smell of books. That musty crinkly-nose sensation that transports you to old libraries, bookstores, and cluttered offices. It produces a visceral sensation of being surrounded by knowledge and adventure, where a page turn can introduce wonders and possibilities. A whiff of the antiquari...

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No comment: Unimpressive iPhone app, Airplane

There are more than half a million apps in Apple's App Store. Some are stunning achievements. Others are not. Below is a video demonstration of the app Airplane. Touch the "Take Off" button to hear the sound of an airplane engine. Shake the phone to hear a flight attended tell you to put your se...

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No comment: iPhone case has a "discreet" storage compartment

Have you ever been out and realized you forgot your wallet just as you were going to pay for something? Bummer, right? And it probably makes you wish that Apple would go ahead and build a mobile payment system into the iPhone -- because you never leave your house without that. Now imagine tha...

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No Comment: Apple pulls Bluetooth OnOff switch app from the App Store, blogger overreacts

Apple has pulled an app that allows iPhone users to turn Bluetooth on and off with a single tap, and that's not sitting right with ZDNet blogger Jason O'Grady. According to O'Grady, that one app removal "demonstrates how (Apple) has become lethargic and how iOS innovation has slowed to a crawl." I...

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No Comment: The depths people will plumb to secure a WWDC pass

We knew there'd be some broken hearts when WWDC tickets sold out in two hours this morning, but even this might be pushing it. A San Francisco resident has posted an ad to Craiglist pleading for a WWDC ticket. Since they're nontransferable, this would presumably require a legal name change on...

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No Comment: MacBook perfume project smells like new unboxing

It may just be an art installation and not a commercial product, but what Apple fan wouldn't want to buy a bottle of scent offering the essences of, ink, paper, foam, sticky tape, and a hint of glue? For the enthusiast who has everything, who has ransacked the Mothership store for wardrobe, the...

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No comment: iPhone money clip

Yeah, here's the way to make your iPhone even more attractive to thieves. Add a money clip to it, and then make sure that you put a wad of cash or a couple of credit cards in the clip. The Poddities Money Clip for iPhone 4 (US$32.80) is available now and comes complete with a screwdriver to glo...

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No Comment: Rovio exec's wife dresses up Angry Birds style

In these pics over at the Hollywood Reporter, you can clearly see Peter Vesterbacka, the CEO of Rovio, who you may remember from his speech earlier this year at GDC 2011. The woman he's pictured with is none other than his wife, Teija Vesterbacka, who, according to the pictures, looks like a ve...

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