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Daily iPhone App: SoundMeter+ monitors your environment for hearing damaging noise

Most people don't think about their background noise levels, but those who work or live in noisy environments need to be aware of sounds that could ruin their hearing. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can monitor your ambient noise levels using the new SoundMeter+ application. SoundMeter+ u...

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smcFanControl 2.0 supports all Intel Macs

Hendrik Holtmann's smcFanControl, a free (but donation-friendly) program released under the GNU public license, just got upgraded to version 2.0. The new version, which now works with all Intel Macs, controls your fan speed while monitoring your computer's internal temperature. The new version sits ...

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Mac and Mobile: tips for Notebook Users

Samuel Cohen over at theappleblog has a nice post up on ten top apps for laptop-toting Mac users. Many of his selections are old favorites (Quicksilver), but there are a few here that are new to me. The CornerClick Preference Pane allows you to assign various actions to the corners of your screen. A...

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TUAW Poll: Your MacBook/Pro experience

Yesterday, we pointed out an article at Infinite Loop that was describing yet another (allegedly) melting MagSafe connector. Many of you wrote in to state that your MacBook/Pro experience has been trouble-free. Still, the issues people are having are very real, so let's take a brief (and informal) p...

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Litany of MacBook Pro woes

Daniel Jalkut has been writing about the noise issues with his MacBook Pro for awhile now, and he has had enough. The small problems he is having with his MacBook Pro (ordered very soon after they were announced) have become too much for him, and he hopes to convince Apple to send him a replacement...

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High pitched squeal defect on some MacBook Pros

While I certainly can't vouch for this problem myself as I don't own a MacBook Pro, there seem to be quite a few owners of the new laptop with complaints over a high pitched noise emanating from their machines. Our own Dan Pourhadi had a whine on his new MacBook Pro, even though it may not be the ...

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