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Tiny ChargeKey for iPhone 5 is always handy and ready to go

Charging cables that are at your fingertips all the time just keep getting smaller and smaller. Back in March of this year, TUAW reviewed the ChargeCard, a USB to 30-pin Dock Connector charging cable the exact size of a credit card. Now there's the ChargeKey for iPhone 5 (US$25), an even smaller e...

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Digital artists take the spotlight at the Nomad Brush booth

Mike Schramm looked at the Nomad Flex in October, and he liked it as a tool for aspiring artists to use. I stopped by their booth at Macworld/iWorld 2013 on Thursday, and a bunch of those aspiring artists were clustered around iPads to try the brush out. The US$29.99 Flex is the star of the boo...

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The Nomad Flex paintbrush stylus will let you paint on a touchscreen (as well as you already can)

We've talked about the Nomad Brush before -- it's a capacitive paintbrush stylus that's designed to be used on a touchscreen canvas, letting you paint across your iPad's (or iPhone's, though the size of that screen makes it a little tougher) touchscreen with your favorite art-making app. Now, N...

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Nomad brushes with wide strokes at Macworld | iWorld 2012

Don Lee, CEO of Nomad Brush, was kind enough to meet with us for a few minutes on the floor of Macworld | iWorld 2012 last week to chat about his creation, which is one of the nicer brushes available for virtual painting on Apple's devices. Nomad's got a few different makes and models for various ...

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DirecTV working on 'Nomad,' may provide streaming to iOS

Engadget recently found a teaser page on the DirecTV website that speaks about a "Nomad," a little box that promises to take your movies and TV from your home DVR out to the rest of the world (no relation, supposedly, to my favorite portable game console, the Sega Nomad). Details are slim, but ...

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