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Daily Update for August 12, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires ...

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Norwegian government bans Apple from capturing 3D Flyover Maps data in Oslo

The Norwegian government has banned Apple from capturing 3D Flyover Maps imagry of Oslo, reports Aftenposten (via 9to5Mac). Apparently the Norwegian National Security Authority has instituted the ban because it is concerned that the small aircraft Apple uses, which has advanced 3D photography syst...

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Angry Birds soda release makes for huge sales jump

Yes indeed: Angry Birds soda. A Nordic beverage company named Olvi got the rights from Rovio to make some Angry Birds-branded sugar water, and apparently it's a huge hit for them, raising the company's sales by 85 percent. Exports were especially huge, going from 3 percent of Olvi's market to a wh...

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Daily iPhone App: Zombies and Trains combine for gory fun

Zombies and Trains is the latest app from Dragonhead Games, an indie dev based in Norway. It's a zombie app (which is fairly meh these days), but it features a pretty inventive control scheme and a whole lot of content to play through. The app is essentially an arena game, where you're presen...

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Apple TV coming to seven more countries next week

Apple's little black set-top box is due to arrive in seven more countries next week, according to a release from Apple sent to MacRumors. Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland are all on the list of those receiving the device for sale, so if you're in one of ...

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Norwegian Apple reseller suffers break-in, 50 boxes stolen

An Apple reseller in Norway, of all places, suffered a break-in earlier this morning. According to the main local paper, Aftenposten, the thieves stole a BMW, which was then used to back into the store as seen in the wild pictures above. Once the storefront was broken open, 50 boxes were lifted fro...

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iPad officially debuts in Nordic countries tomorrow

The iPad continues its march towards world domination. A number of TUAW readers and the Swedish Apple site are reporting that the iPad will finally make it to authorized Apple resellers in Sweden tomorrow. It also appears that iPads will be warming hearts throughout the Nordic countrie...

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Apple TV ready to launch in Taiwan, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Portugal, and Belgium

9to5 Mac speculates that the second generation Apple TV is set to launch in Taiwan, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Portugal, and Belgium tomorrow morning. Last night, the night before the second gen Apple TV went on sale in Italy and Switzerland today, anyone who clicked on the original Apple TV ...

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Norwegian Prime Minister gets his hands on an iPad

While Apple has pushed the international launch of the iPad back by a month, from its original late April launch date to late May, it hasn't stopped some overseas customers from getting their hands on one. For example, Don McAllister, host of the resourceful ScreenCastOnline, picked up a couple of ...

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Dressed up right for Leopard release night

We asked for it, and even though I'm kind of regretting it, we got it. On the left is young readers Ben and Austin, dressed for the part (I can't believe no one threw red paint on them) at the Leopard launch this afternoon in Holyoke, MA. And on the right, in the, errr, eMac, is reader Geir Arne f...

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Apple Gets Reprieve from EU Competition Commission?

We have previously told you about some of Apple's difficulties in certain European countries regarding putatively anti-competitive actions in tying together the iPod and iTunes. Now Macworld UK is reporting that the EU doesn't see any reason to pursue prosecution against Apple's use of DRM. Although...

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Apple's Norwegian troubles could increase

Norway's Ombudsman has never been a fan of Apple's DRM. We've covered this a few times here on TUAW, but it looks like things are coming to a head. It has been decided that the iTunes DRM is illegal according to Norwegian law, and now Apple has until March to change the terms until the first legal s...

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Norway takes iTMS ToS gripes to court

A consumer advocacy group in Norway is apparently not too happy with the iTMS ToS (Terms of Service) and has won a preliminary ruling in an attempt to force Apple to make some edits. Specifically, the Norwegian group is attacking Apple's liability for any security breaches their software might allo...

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Norway Ombudsman looks at iTunes TOS and cries foul

You know why DRM sucks? Because it makes it possible for Apple to do naughty things like change the ways you can use your iTunes Music Store tunes after you've purchased the songs / videos. If you didn't know about it, you should really take a long read of the iTMS Terms of Service. It looks like so...

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